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Neil Ryan 
The Blue Note
npr8r8Send npr8r8 a message
2007-10-21 21:58:44
Rob Zombie
In This Moment

Rob Zombie Poster - The Blue Note, Columbia - Neil Ryan

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Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   i agree with everything robbie fuct said on this poster.   2008-05-14 13:13:20
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   This takes me back. It's no RATT poster.   2008-04-05 20:54:48
JimboyakaSend Jimboyaka a message :   random poo   2008-04-05 19:58:08
Brute666Send Brute666 a message :   This would make a perfect Electric Frankenstein poster.   2007-10-25 11:44:11
necroSend necro a message :   God, I love tits.   2007-10-24 19:11:21
derekdealSend derekdeal a message :   your tits would have made a better poster   2007-10-24 17:38:02
whitt_amoreSend whitt_amore a message :   i have tits- true story that is all i have to add.   2007-10-24 17:29:09
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   Wait, Rob Zombie and Al Jourgensen are DIFFERENT PEOPLE?! WTF?   2007-10-24 17:21:49
ROTATORSend ROTATOR a message :   Rob Zombie, the poor, gay mans Alain Jorgensen.   2007-10-24 16:55:54
JephSend Jeph a message :   Dammit   2007-10-24 16:45:14
John ASend John A a message :   I played the ginsu card last night Jeffla.   2007-10-24 16:23:39
JephSend Jeph a message :   This WOULD however make a great ad for the Ginsu 2007   2007-10-24 15:56:33
fantasygoatSend fantasygoat a message :   Even if this said Bright Eyes on it, it would still suck.   2007-10-24 15:54:39
tanxxxSend tanxxx a message :   for Rob Zombie ? woooow a lot of stuff miss in this poster   2007-10-24 15:52:03
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   "P.S. if Victor is right then I actually have a good reply just there"
I don't know what this means. Also I'm usually wrong, just ask phoon. But I'm 100% sure this is a turd and that I'm right on this one.
  2007-10-24 15:47:02
JephSend Jeph a message :   White Zombie I like...solo Rob Zombie, not so much...Dragula is a great song...and a couple others. His early demo / EP shit is better than any of his "major" releases.   2007-10-24 15:46:20
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Devil Music and Astro Creep were killer records. No question. His first solo record was good as well. Then... not really too into what he has done musically.   2007-10-24 15:43:27
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   Okay so you want to make this work using a knife, blood and that ghosty overprint? Here is what I would do...OKAY. Giant furry monster with googly crazy eyes holding a giant knife chasing a zombie chick with big tittays...and for the overprinting make the monster wear a sheet ghost costume thats kinda transparent. it would all be in flo inks withe the ghost thing printed in glow in the dark. FUCK YEAH. I'd buy that fucker too and hang it in my parents house and masturbate to it in front of my dog.   2007-10-24 15:29:21
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   I keep checking in on this comment thread every day, just to see if anything new and interesting has come up. Anybody liking this poster yet? No? Okay, see you tomorrow!   2007-10-24 13:37:19
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   this sucks. still. and Casually Floating is still wrong.   2007-10-24 13:07:13
JephSend Jeph a message :   Of all the things Rob Zombie does, I like his music least. I would however like to do a poster for him...because I could draw like....zombies and stuff.   2007-10-24 08:12:27
philaarts.comSend a message :   im not reading all of this.. i saw rob back in like 98ish.. was kinda cool.. but he is like 50 years old now.. his music sucks... so if you guys are saying this poster suxx.. then i think its ok for rob zombie.. and his little brother from powerman whatever suxx too.   2007-10-24 06:51:25
3d glassesSend 3d glasses a message :   i probably coulda put it better.. clearly blood and knives do fit rob zombie. but i think its the simplicity that doesnt fit rob zombie. thats all and im not bitching, im probably just jealous as id love to do a rob zombie poster   2007-10-24 03:58:20
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   3d is right. Knives and blood belong nowhere near a rob zombie concert.
Crazy Kids.
  2007-10-24 02:30:42
3d glassesSend 3d glasses a message :   ive always hated the age old 'doesnt fit the band' argument.. but seriously.. this doesnt.   2007-10-24 02:24:45
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   pigstickerz   2007-10-23 21:49:27
msaputoSend msaputo a message :   It was Rob Zombie in the conservatory with the knife.
  2007-10-23 20:46:20
THE PiNCHSend THE PiNCH a message :   P.S. if Victor is right then I actually have a good reply just there   2007-10-23 20:32:24
THE PiNCHSend THE PiNCH a message :   oh ha! ok
I still need to ask then (oh shit!) why is everyone so darn mean! it seems like a total geepee phenomena...
smart folk on subjective matter - 'scrazy!
  2007-10-23 20:29:35
lil_tuffySend lil_tuffy a message :   2007-10-23 20:25:31
soupsandwichSend soupsandwich a message :   just trying to help top out over a hunert comments....   2007-10-23 20:22:48
mini meSend mini me a message :   I agree with mr. victor and mr. chantry.   2007-10-23 20:21:13
THE PiNCHSend THE PiNCH a message :   OK, Tuffy just answered my question before I needed to ask it...
  2007-10-23 20:11:49
lil_tuffySend lil_tuffy a message :   there's too many "ryans" in the poster game already.   2007-10-23 20:08:00
bencSend benc a message :   for sure.   2007-10-23 19:53:29
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   Sounds good to me.   2007-10-23 19:50:46
bob hSend bob h a message :   Congratulations Neil, you hold the group record for the most comments, as well as second and third. This string of comments will make great t-shirts, how many will we need? I think this calls for a round of drinks and greasy pizza, at Shakespeare's, on me, all GP-ers welcome. Before the opening on Friday?   2007-10-23 19:48:30
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   No, I really don't think I am.   2007-10-23 19:42:11
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   No, I really don't think I am.   2007-10-23 19:38:39
necroSend necro a message :   BIIIIG Smelly TURD   2007-10-23 19:34:46
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   you can disagree but youre wrong.   2007-10-23 19:31:26
necroSend necro a message :   TOTAL SHIT   2007-10-23 19:29:31
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   I see what your saying but I still disagree. Anyways, didn't we already have this conversation on Hobbs Torche poster?   2007-10-23 19:25:04
bdixSend bdix a message :   Rambo with a skull head would rule   2007-10-23 19:09:56
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   I would like to thank you all for having this argument for me. I appreciate it. I've been too busy over in the illegal downloading thread.   2007-10-23 19:09:03
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   "Casually Floating : Oh yeah, and I really like this poster. I think it works. Why is it that some people on this site can disregard what a band sounds like and just stick to their own style but yet this poster is not ok?"
this doesnt work. it is to promote a show and FAILS. it no way promotes the style of rob zombie. this would promote some indie band much better.
  2007-10-23 19:08:08
macthulhuSend macthulhu a message :   The knife and the slit make a nice tall "f"... for "FAIL". B-Droid owns this thread. Funniest and most accurate comments I've read in a long time.   2007-10-23 19:03:26
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   Oh yeah, and I really like this poster. I think it works. Why is it that some people on this site can disregard what a band sounds like and just stick to their own style but yet this poster is not ok?   2007-10-23 19:03:16
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   shut up retard.   2007-10-23 19:02:06
bencSend benc a message :   talk to mrblonde. He's a premium member and he also has the final say on all things good/bad.   2007-10-23 18:57:10
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   this poster sucks.   2007-10-23 18:56:31
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message :   jesus christ, what did I miss?   2007-10-23 18:53:46
bencSend benc a message :   oh sweet, thanks for the tip man. have a good day.   2007-10-23 18:42:28
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   Wow, I actually looked at this poster for the first time. This is freaking terrible.   2007-10-23 18:37:23
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   BenC -
Prerequisite to being a PREMIUMMBERZ - read all the paulgardnerz threds and anything to do with zomzomz.
then come back and slob on chantry's knob.
btw, im art chantry
  2007-10-23 18:31:40
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   Howdy Booby   2007-10-23 18:00:41
bdixSend bdix a message :   hey merf...   2007-10-23 17:56:46
THE PiNCHSend THE PiNCH a message :   says at the bottom there you printed this yourself Ryan... kudos   2007-10-23 17:56:30
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   Damn...I did'nt have lunch today I'm straving   2007-10-23 17:55:45
bdixSend bdix a message :   I had migas for lunch again.   2007-10-23 17:54:35
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   g'luck.   2007-10-23 17:52:56
bencSend benc a message :   haha. i might take you up on that.   2007-10-23 17:52:42
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i hope yer talking to me. cuz, it's true!
just ask me!
  2007-10-23 17:50:15
bencSend benc a message :   you know everything about everything! finally, i've been waiting to meet you for so long. please, teach me all about posters and art and design...   2007-10-23 17:49:42
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   The show sold out. Probably because of this poster. Seriously, I don't call bullshit on very many posters, because whatever people do that they think fits the band - whatever. It's all good. But this? Not all good. All bad. You lose. Game over, man! GAME OVER!   2007-10-23 17:46:02
John ASend John A a message :   comes with a set of ginsu knives if you act now.   2007-10-23 17:37:38
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   The Os in the rOb zOmbie look the same.   2007-10-23 17:36:59
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   rob zombie is not very bright. at least that's what i've noticed. he contacted a label i was working with asking if he could get in touch with one of their bands. he wanted to put one of their singles on a compilation record because they had a scary monstery-sounding name. he was so blind and out of it (and dumb?) that he didn't even know the band in question had a member of his own band, white zombie, in the line-up. the band had been around a couple of years, too.
not bright, or perhaps too important to be well-informed. dunno.
  2007-10-23 17:29:01
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   what does maxflo think of this?   2007-10-23 17:21:08
bencSend benc a message :   haha, zing!   2007-10-23 17:18:51
HrabovskySend Hrabovsky a message : and it's users who care too much, tonight on 20/20   2007-10-23 17:18:25
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   why is the dude cutting upwards? Help me understand at least that much. Hi ya'll!   2007-10-23 17:18:23
bencSend benc a message :   not lowering, just moving it to the side a little.   2007-10-23 17:17:39
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   Obviously the person who made this poster doesn't give a shit.   2007-10-23 17:17:09
HrabovskySend Hrabovsky a message :   That's right. Please don't support lowering the bar.   2007-10-23 17:16:22
bencSend benc a message :   but you aren't rob zombie. and the show sold out so who gives a shit?   2007-10-23 17:15:59
bencSend benc a message :   and yeah, my opinion is wrong too.   2007-10-23 17:14:50
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   benc. youre an idiot if you believe this poster works for rob zombie mazn. nothing about this poster defines any of his music. this is pure ego of the designer and nothing to do with the band at all.
vampire chick with tits would makes sense. killer type would make sense. this is pure shit man. if this is actually legit and i was rob zombie seeing this in the club i would punch the promoter and artist in the face.
  2007-10-23 17:14:33
bencSend benc a message :   yeah, i hate money.   2007-10-23 17:13:48
HrabovskySend Hrabovsky a message :   benc, you are wrong. This is bad. Your parents owe us all an apology.   2007-10-23 17:12:19
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   "but why does that shit have to be on every single rob poster?"
Because the fans like that kind of shit. Because the fans pay for that kind of shit. Do you hate money?
  2007-10-23 17:07:43
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   who been putting out dey Kools on my carpet?   2007-10-23 17:07:11
uglybogusSend uglybogus a message :   lol, rick called shenanigans   2007-10-23 17:06:14
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   Hold the phone. I outright do NOT believe this is legit. This is fan 'art'... right? Nobody actually PAID for this. RIGHT?   2007-10-23 17:02:24
John ASend John A a message :   what the fuck is wrong with tits?   2007-10-23 17:00:32
bencSend benc a message :   but why does that shit have to be on every single rob poster? i don't think it does. that's all i'm saying, period face. and i'll tell my parents to expect a tube in the mail shortly ; )   2007-10-23 16:47:34
boadiceaSend boadicea a message :   oh, the zombanity! . . .   2007-10-23 16:43:19
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   "she should be squatting over a zombie preacher while he eats her out"
I bet that's like, literal, since he's a zombie.
You're sick, B.
  2007-10-23 16:28:08
VonDadaSend VonDada a message :   benc meet PaulGardner, PaulGardner meet benc.   2007-10-23 16:21:25
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   Yeah, it should have a vampire chick with sweet tits on it and she should be electric blue with flo red blood dripping from her lip and covering her fun bags that reads "ROB FUCKING ZOMBIE" and she should be squatting over a zombie preacher while he eats her out. THAT IS A ZOMBIE POSTER, dicksmack. And yes I would buy it and hang it up in my parents basement just to make them uneasy. FUck, I'd buy one for your parents too.   2007-10-23 16:20:16
goad74Send goad74 a message :   Needs more vampire girl sweet tits.   2007-10-23 16:19:27
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   Sweet tits are possibly the most powerful thing in the world. This poster doesn't even come close to that kind of power.   2007-10-23 16:15:03
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   jerk   2007-10-23 16:11:51
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   i live in a basement   2007-10-23 16:11:44
bencSend benc a message :   hahahah i get it! i'm a hipster i guess! oooh man, good shit. you're right. i guess he should have made a poster with a vampire girl with sweet tits. that way at least you could hang it up in your room in your parents' basement.   2007-10-23 16:08:32
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   This probably would grab your attention as you walk down the street mulling over the genius of !!! while you listen to them on your ipod. But for actual fans of Rob Zombie, (you know the guy in the comic store reading Fangoria or some shit) No.   2007-10-23 16:04:04
keithdavisyoungSend keithdavisyoung a message :   his movies are better than his music and his music is better than this poster   2007-10-23 15:57:53
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   OOF   2007-10-23 15:57:32
John ASend John A a message :   that's a lot of words but umm... this blows.   2007-10-23 15:55:16
bencSend benc a message :   i don't agree with robbie fuct at all. first off, this would grab my attention 10 times faster than any of the other posters that have been done for rob. the subject matter still fits well enough, and i like the sort of juxtaposition it has with his music. if it had "monsters and shit" i wouldn't have clicked on the thumbnail.   2007-10-23 15:53:21
npr8r8Send npr8r8 a message :   alright i've learned my lesson   2007-10-23 15:44:44
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   If I saw this poster I wouldn't bother to read it. Because it looks like a poster for most the bands I hate. The thing that pisses me off is since it's Rob Zombie you could have a lot of fun with the imagery and type and make something really cool (even if you don't care for his music), But instead it looks like something slopped together with little thought and ambition. Sorry dude, but I agree with Robbie Fuct on this one.   2007-10-23 15:34:44
bonesSend bones a message :   ... all of these comments are ridiculous. is what i mean.   2007-10-23 15:31:25
bonesSend bones a message :   all this is ridiculous.   2007-10-23 15:27:02
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   zobbzoid, I want a pre-nup.   2007-10-23 15:26:00
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   phoon fingered my tickle hole   2007-10-23 15:13:41
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   B DROID marry me.   2007-10-23 15:11:00
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   Dude, nothing about Rob Zombie or his music is "Ironic". It is about monsters and shit, plain and simple. Save your irony for some hipster bullshit like bright eyes.   2007-10-23 14:54:53
louisfinnSend louisfinn a message :   irony?   2007-10-23 14:52:09
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   I'd love to do a Rob Zombie poster. You could throw anything in that was cool, scary or disgusting. Call me Rob!   2007-10-23 14:41:15
npr8r8Send npr8r8 a message :   i'm happy people notice the irony of the poster   2007-10-23 14:39:42
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   this poster is bullshit.   2007-10-23 14:33:24
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   but it feels so right.   2007-10-23 14:13:26
JustinHeltonSend JustinHelton a message :   cuts like a knife   2007-10-23 13:58:17
standardSend standard a message :   This is not right. It clearly fits the poster artist's body of work more than the musician's.   2007-10-23 13:58:11
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   You spelled Bryan Adams wrong.   2007-10-23 13:56:38
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   This must be for Mr. Robert Zombie. He's in the 4th grade this year, and he's into knives.   2007-10-23 13:54:38
whitt_amoreSend whitt_amore a message :   needs more blood   2007-10-23 12:40:24
Robbie FuctSend Robbie Fuct a message :   what the fuck is this?   2007-10-23 11:50:18
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I can't say I'm feeling this.   2007-10-23 11:50:17
VonDadaSend VonDada a message :   This must be a different Rob Zombie.   2007-10-23 11:49:22
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