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Zach Hobbs 
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message
2006-06-30 10:12:31
Wild Sweet Orange
Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos
John Strohm

Wild Sweet Orange Poster - Bottletree, Birmingham - Zach Hobbs

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seireyhoSend seireyho a message :   Hadn't seen this one either- please send me one. please.   2007-10-17 18:18:39
Joanna WechtSend Joanna Wecht a message :   randomizer hobbs.   2006-11-19 16:43:22
MagnusSend Magnus a message :   Zach for president. "I'm blowing farts at you all as we speak. God Bless America."   2006-07-10 08:49:25
Perfume MoleculesSend Perfume Molecules a message :   If you can get this much attention....than you are doing something right zach.So with that keep up the good work as always!!!!!! Dudes want to be you and chicks want to be with you. By the way that type just gets me everytime. Mrs. Hobbs   2006-07-04 14:10:56
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   The only thing that depresses me is the link to Jermaine's High on fire poster, as if I deserved to have shit talked on my puny little poster because I expressed some opinions about Jermaine's. Jermaine and I have spoken over email about that and I'm not sure it's an issue anymore, meaning I apologized about it. And just so everyone on this site knows where I'm coming from, I can take any criticism you can throw at me, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. This little poster was thrown together in a couple hours, I printed some xeroxes to send to the venue and kept about 5 for myself. No big deal. Is it successful as a poster? hell yes. Is it my best thing ever? No way.
But thanks to the lovers and haters for the love and hate. I'm blowing farts at you all as we speak. God Bless America.
- loco
  2006-07-04 13:34:34
GregorySend Gregory a message :   once again the internet proves to be an invaluable resource.
nice poster zach!
  2006-07-04 12:08:17
Matthew ColeSend Matthew Cole a message :   zach. quit being tall.
this is dope.
  2006-07-04 12:04:58
Perfume MoleculesSend Perfume Molecules a message :   And spike was such a ho!   2006-07-04 11:08:14
Perfume MoleculesSend Perfume Molecules a message :   ok connie i love you for saying that degrassi is off.....have the hole dvd collection from the early 90's hell yeah....oh and by the way. This is a great poster! reguardless if zach did not draw the little kid. Zach is still DREAMY as ever! Great job dude!!   2006-07-04 11:05:59
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   What are you talking about? Moesha is the Beatles of television.   2006-07-04 01:07:43
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   DeGrassi's off now. Moesha's on. sucks, sorry you missed it   2006-07-04 01:03:12
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   Glad we sorted that out.
Now that I have all this off my chest, I think I might just go watch me some Degrassi (junior high).
You ever notice how Canadians don't actually say "aboot"?
  2006-07-04 01:02:10
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Conflict resolved. Just another testament to the Power of
Apologies to morrise18. We also discovered we like the same embarassing TV. so there.
Now someone else please figure this all out.
  2006-07-04 00:58:44
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   it wasn't about morrise18's comments before.I was just struck by the insane similarities and was trying to see if I could figure out an alias.   2006-07-04 00:40:10
braksandwichSend braksandwich a message :   sweet! another one of THESE threads!   2006-07-04 00:32:15
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   Ok, another thing is, I couldn't help but remebering how Zach Hobbs absolutely shits on Jermaine and his art in the High On Fire comments.
I am assuming that if someone deals it out like that, that they could handle some guy posting such witty stuff as "Great art is to be compared to acknowledged great art. Think about that"
Its especially frustrating being accused of being this guy, cause he's a fuckin idiot.
  2006-07-04 00:25:12
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   to=too   2006-07-04 00:19:16
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   Now I'm all worked up. I was gonna watch some Degrassi Junior High but now I feel to high strung.   2006-07-04 00:19:01
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   Ok, so in case anyone didn't know this. If you ever say anything bad about anyone, even if you still don't think that way, you should accept and expect to be accused a year later when some other guy posts shit talking comments. Just so we're clear on this.   2006-07-04 00:17:35
piemelSend piemel a message :   this poster dont have any orange whatsoever in it   2006-07-04 00:17:20
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   I said I wasn't saying anything else in comments. But this is the last. Maybe last year you could have pm'd us with your thoughts/critiques/comparisons instead of doing it publicly. It didn't just involve us. You brought 3 groups into it.   2006-07-04 00:13:01
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :
If you read the comments, this guy BigBadDawoolf says he went to this concert. That is in California. I live in Manitoba, Canada.
  2006-07-04 00:09:34
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   "Once they start playing the classic tapes the vacation days and such will be far more bearable."
They could play Crazy Alice all day and it would be fine by me.
  2006-07-04 00:00:53
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   Yeah, so next time, instead of posting on some poster thread accusing me of creating fake aliases and posting this stuff, private message me instead of making everyone think I am slagging them off.   2006-07-03 23:56:34
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   As I said in the pm. Too many similarities for me not to think that. And you logged on as soon as I brought up the user name in the comments. I was watching. As I also said, if I'm wrong apologies to you. Make yourself out to be a jerk on here once and it will follow you.   2006-07-03 23:52:55
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   Once they start playing the classic tapes the vacation days and such will be far more bearable.   2006-07-03 23:51:42
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Yeah I can't stand it. I'm working all week at the house and all I get are repeats. Hopefully there will be some stuff I missed.   2006-07-03 23:48:26
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   After I hit back I got the message. What the fuck? This is bullshit. I come onto gigposters and see my name in the comments for a poster I haven't even looked at. I'm being accused of being this guy because i once criticized your poster a year ago? Unbelievable. If you want to look at my past comments , you'll see I like lots of posters similar to this.   2006-07-03 23:47:48
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   As you should. Another vacation week for Sterno, I hate it.   2006-07-03 23:47:11
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   I heard that in the voice of Gary the Retard.   2006-07-03 23:45:42
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   Shoo shoo retarded Flu!   2006-07-03 23:44:35
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   you were pm'd   2006-07-03 23:41:31
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   "If someone was saying I was a shit talking alias I wouldn't log off with at least saying something." I don't know what this is about.   2006-07-03 23:40:49
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   What you really don't want to do is get Zach involved.   2006-07-03 23:39:05
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Oh I think it's the same person who bashed us. Too similar.   2006-07-03 23:37:57
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   I said that a year ago, when I first got into posters. I actually like this poster.   2006-07-03 23:37:35
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i'd leave this train wreck if i were you Connie ;)   2006-07-03 23:35:23
BreylanSend Breylan a message :   I passed right by this the first time and didn't notice it was Hobbs.
I really like this Zach, I'll have to get another tube one of these days...
  2006-07-03 23:35:15
bdixSend bdix a message :   I wish someone would teach me how to think for myself. Then I'd know what to like and what to order at Whataburger.   2006-07-03 23:34:33
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   How did i get involved with this?   2006-07-03 23:34:16
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   and just as quick he's back.   2006-07-03 23:33:07
morrise18Send morrise18 a message :   What is happening, I have no idea whats going on here.   2006-07-03 23:31:58
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   that was clever..?   2006-07-03 23:29:55
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   vanmar the only degree you have is the third degree at the local precint. Obviously.   2006-07-03 23:28:25
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   and morrise18 logs off after a few minutes. If someone was saying I was a shit talking alias I wouldn't log off with at least saying something.   2006-07-03 23:27:46
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Now you are wondering who drew this? very nice.   2006-07-03 23:25:53
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   saying hi to a friend is kissing ass? you are slightly amusing at best. do not talk to me about degrees.   2006-07-03 23:24:55
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Zach's already said the kid is a found image. I just wanted to see what BBD thought.   2006-07-03 23:24:42
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   (cue everyone pointing and laughing at him - again)   2006-07-03 23:24:17
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   vanmar, you would kiss anyones ass. A cigar butt, a pat on the ass, down you go. Go away, get the elementary degree and off you go.   2006-07-03 23:23:47
myassociatecornelius.comSend a message :   i would almost guarantee that zach drew this.
love it by the way...
sucks that someone w/ no art references or experience in this community, that i know of, has to defile something someone else created...oh well, i know zach probably thinks it's hilarious.
i mean, c'mon, this guy can't be taken seriously, listen to him (cue everyone pointing and laughing at him)
  2006-07-03 23:22:56
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   would you say it seem clipart like and thrown together?   2006-07-03 23:19:44
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   night allan!   2006-07-03 23:19:26
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   you're wrong, i'd never kiss your ass.   2006-07-03 23:19:14
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Howdy, Evan! What up, Bobby? Hello, everyone else. I'm goin' to bed.   2006-07-03 23:19:10
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   You kiss my ass, I'll kiss yours, is a way of life here. This poster is simplistic at best. Ridiculous.   2006-07-03 23:18:18
bdixSend bdix a message :   I don't use my adult voice on the short bus   2006-07-03 23:17:21
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   i agree with allen, btw.. hi allen   2006-07-03 23:17:17
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   if the shoe fits bud   2006-07-03 23:16:25
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I like this poster. Nice found image, sweet script, and Rockwell, one of my favorite typefaces. Thats why I like it.   2006-07-03 23:16:23
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   many have tried, but you tend to ignore intelligence.   2006-07-03 23:16:12
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Any ADULTS out there that can debate intelligently? None so far.   2006-07-03 23:15:23
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   i like this poster.   2006-07-03 23:15:17
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   blow ur nose for fucks sake   2006-07-03 23:14:42
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Always here, cursing, etc. is the exchange. LOSERS>   2006-07-03 23:13:49
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   on the contrary dear boy, you lost ages ago   2006-07-03 23:13:06
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   steve h, call yours the bishop? Mine is the pope. LOSER   2006-07-03 23:12:08
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   shouldnt you be in bed anyway? its a school nite   2006-07-03 23:11:52
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   what ive done is irrelevant, just like ur retarded posts..what have you done? once again? ANSWER ME SHITHEEL!   2006-07-03 23:11:08
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Talented enough? Talent seems irrelevant here. What have you done? Artists sell to people, fortunatley they have people with little taste, like you.   2006-07-03 23:10:00
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   hands crippled from beating the bishop too much?   2006-07-03 23:09:18
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   dont need to mate, answer my question...why dont you do ur own posters? not talented enough?   2006-07-03 23:07:29
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   steve h. Go back to school.   2006-07-03 23:06:27
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Morrise18?   2006-07-03 23:06:07
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   why dont you just make ur own up?   2006-07-03 23:04:08
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   You compare it to GREAT posters, you pick them. If this is comparable, you are a happy camper. If not, keep looking as I do.   2006-07-03 23:03:39
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Comparisons again.
  2006-07-03 23:03:18
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   the fall will hurt from that high horse.   2006-07-03 23:02:51
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   so what are you comparing this to?   2006-07-03 23:02:17
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Great art is to be compared to acknowledged great art. Think about that.   2006-07-03 23:00:37
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   apparently..   2006-07-03 22:59:51
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   dont know sir   2006-07-03 22:59:47
bdixSend bdix a message :   are y'all arguing with the short bus again?   2006-07-03 22:59:07
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Time to be honest. This is a simplistic venture appealing to that sort. I have a right to express an opinion. Some posters are great, this isn't.   2006-07-03 22:58:39
lettawrenSend lettawren a message :   a) i think hobbs did a great job on this poster and it's virtually unassailable b) i would be far more inclined to take your opinions seriously bigbadvoodoodaddywolfhound if it didn't appear that you were simply trolling around saying random unkind things about random posters. with the exception of the comment regarding emek's skills, it seems that you haven't had anything positive or constructive to say yet. just saying. c) hobbs: you totally shouldn't wear that dress... talk about VPL!   2006-07-03 22:55:47
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   its one thing to have your own opinion, fine.. but to attempt to force your own cynicism on everyone is ridiculous.   2006-07-03 22:55:18
connor13Send connor13 a message :   post a link to your "art" bigbadouchebag   2006-07-03 22:55:09
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   so can we see your work then?   2006-07-03 22:54:56
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   You do have at least one good eye right? LOOOOOOOK at it.   2006-07-03 22:53:06
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   or a similar virus, yes.   2006-07-03 22:51:34
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Art is creativity. None found here.   2006-07-03 22:51:22
lettawrenSend lettawren a message :   gruberrific?   2006-07-03 22:50:51
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   its pretty clear whats going on here..   2006-07-03 22:50:15
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   i can't wait for the "gee, i'm so sorry i was drunk and smoking crack for 8 months straight..." thread.
i'd tell you to get a grip dumbwoolf but i'm all about ignoring you and letting you hang yourself with each letter you type from this moment on. have fun!
  2006-07-03 22:48:39
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   Honest commentary not wanted here. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   2006-07-03 22:48:33
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   "This poster sucks. Look at it honestly."
You want expressobeans, two doors down.
  2006-07-03 22:47:13
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   What the hell is great about this? Nothing.   2006-07-03 22:46:33
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   No innovation, small head, lack of outstanding color. THINK>   2006-07-03 22:45:09
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   this poster is great.   2006-07-03 22:43:05
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   This poster sucks. Look at it honestly.   2006-07-03 22:38:12
Beto RamirezSend Beto Ramirez a message :   I got a friend with this head size.   2006-07-03 22:36:19
BigBadDawoolfSend BigBadDawoolf a message :   UGH!! Don't get the attraction herr either.   2006-07-03 14:36:59
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   well........ I DID photocopy the hell outta his head and resized his face.
I should've kept ya'll in the dark.
  2006-07-03 11:40:08
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   No sweat, dude. Still looks dope.   2006-07-03 11:40:02
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   ;)   2006-07-03 11:38:06
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   lazy.   2006-07-03 11:37:58
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   Sorry to disappoint ya'll - but I found this little guy and drew some type on his head. Easiest poster ever.   2006-07-03 11:37:08
DrueBarnSend DrueBarn a message :   I love the characters created by Mr. Zah Cobbs   2006-07-03 11:32:37
Michael NielsenSend Michael Nielsen a message :   nice work duder.   2006-07-03 11:21:07
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   goodoneholmez   2006-07-03 10:46:40
MikeBarnSend MikeBarn a message :   Look really nice Zach. One of my favorites.   2006-07-03 07:41:06
mark@methanestudiosSend mark@methanestudios a message :   nice! like the offset dot pattern   2006-07-03 06:56:53
MagnusSend Magnus a message :   Awesome man!   2006-07-03 05:27:08
anthonypSend anthonyp a message :   impressive as usual   2006-07-02 19:00:54
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Stupendous, Zach!   2006-07-02 18:16:26
Ben GelnettSend Ben Gelnett a message :   so dope   2006-07-02 17:10:14
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   this is in fact dope.   2006-07-02 13:48:39
kathleenturneroverdriveSend kathleenturneroverdrive a message :   looks haphazard, yet brilliantly balanced. love the script font.   2006-07-02 00:29:54
braksandwichSend braksandwich a message :   killer. This really stands out. Nicely done.   2006-07-01 22:07:13
getoutoftheleftlaneSend getoutoftheleftlane a message :   nice one, Zach   2006-07-01 21:29:18
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   so f'n good   2006-07-01 19:13:43
robertmethaneSend robertmethane a message :   well done noggin!   2006-07-01 17:57:34
DarshSend Darsh a message :   this is bananaz. The illo, the type. Great.   2006-07-01 17:55:38
tim goughSend tim gough a message :   NICE! you draw that guy?   2006-07-01 17:06:07
Hero Design StudioSend Hero Design Studio a message :   Lovin it.   2006-07-01 17:05:35
naduvalSend naduval a message :   heady   2006-07-01 17:00:49
john_fuzSend john_fuz a message :   Perfect illo. Great Zachness per usual.   2006-07-01 16:40:57
GregorySend Gregory a message :   fav so far   2006-07-01 16:16:26
j-rod89Send j-rod89 a message :   digginit!   2006-07-01 15:13:38
altieriSend altieri a message :   Zach, this rules.   2006-07-01 14:37:47
slaterSend slater a message :   again really great job.   2006-07-01 14:36:41
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   this may be my favorite of yours zach.   2006-07-01 14:02:05
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