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The Brotherhood Tavern
2002-04-23 17:02:56
Fakes, The

Fakes Poster - The Brotherhood Tavern - Scrojo

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PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Another Vulvic Protrusion.   2005-04-05 06:23:28
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   :shaking:   2004-02-22 12:06:43
odalisqueSend odalisque a message :   it's not barbie. -it's annacas :o -rules.   2004-02-22 11:04:33
newseamusSend newseamus a message :   not that if you say something on your own poster you're a pooze...i was just saying...aww foot is firmly planted in my mouth right now...never mind me.
i am a pooze! :-?
  2003-09-27 16:31:18
newseamusSend newseamus a message :   Colors on this are great. Interesting scene with the knife there.... i randomized myself before this scrojo...i didn't want to bump out my own poster and look like a pooze...but i have been turning up on my randomizer a lot lately!!???
  2003-09-27 16:29:09
standardSend standard a message :   Those are tight pants.   2003-07-31 09:06:33
bdixSend bdix a message :   Randomized Scrojo.
You're nice with the skills man...., I mean nice with "the ability to do something well" man! :wink:
  2003-07-31 09:02:17
Thee AlexSend Thee Alex a message :   Alot of Scrojos women look kind of similar - is he drawing them from someone?   2003-04-05 19:38:13
kozikSend kozik a message :   seems to me this is a 'shemale' hence the tie in to 'the fakes'
  2002-10-29 19:01:57
HamptonSend Hampton a message :   Go to and check out The Fakes. I manage them here in Seattle as well as create alot of their imagery. The contrast of this image to the band's hard rock music is pretty hilarious. This is Scrojo's 2nd poster that he'e done for them and the band loves his work. I've started a series of posters for them by different poster artists, most of whom are seen here on GP. The point is to get the the band more exposure, get people to the show and have fun with it. This poster is as fun as they come. Check out the "Artwork" page on the site and see posters for them by myself, Jermaine, Darren Grealish(Monoshocks) and Scrojo. I've got more coming by Brian Ewing and Jay Barbur. "Concepts" are cool when done right, but I'm giving each artist free reign to create without restriction, the point is to get people out to the show. Alot of people seem to miss that basic "concept" here on GP and get too caught up in winning design awards and such. Poster can be alot of amazing things but thier highest function is catching attention of passersby and creating interest in the show that it's promoting.   2002-04-26 10:02:08
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   Yeah, I know I'm painting in broad strokes right now. I just made this shit up. I guess I've always misunderstood some of the reasoning behind poster work that had a lot to do with a naked woman. I just realized that it's not as meaningless as I had previously thought it was. It REALLY DOES represent a genre of music accurately. And I'm not trying to say that the music that the posters represent in meaningless by association either, it's the other way around. When I say "not that this is a bad thing" I really mean it. I like going to see ballsy RAWK bands that run in this genre. They put on much better better shows than some sensitive indie rock shoegazer standing onstage whining.   2002-04-26 09:25:38
philaarts.comSend a message :   cool, now ill know what to do when i listen to different types of music. :-D   2002-04-26 09:22:30
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   couldn't have said it better, mr.sausages!   2002-04-26 09:18:43
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   Heh heh, indie rock = drunk, awkward sex in the back of your van geek rock = beating off at home alone, quietly crying to yourself.   2002-04-26 09:14:38
philaarts.comSend a message :   im sorry i had to say one other thing
"These bands run the gamut of rockabilly to snotty punk to garage to metal. Not exclusively all bands in these genres but bands that play in these genres that are mainly out there to be rock stars and fuck groupies and get drunk, not that this is a bad thing. "
totally disrespectful to the musicians (any of them) that you have refered too... thats like saying you are only an artist to get praise and to make money.. and that the art doesnt matter to you..
sorry to be heavy, but hey, u threw it out there.
  2002-04-26 09:03:03
philaarts.comSend a message :   macho rock=fucking
indie rock=? geek rock=?
  2002-04-26 08:53:12
philaarts.comSend a message :   wow, big generalization there.
so. if a person is not creative enough they fall to putting a woman on a poster, half clad?
how about people who put cars on a poster or motorcycles. lack of ideas? how about a bridge etc...
as for macho rock. correct me if im wrong. but according to your definition, it does include fucking (also includes rock n roll, music, dont see the connection and most people who like to fuck like all types of music).
you mention women. well since they partake wouldnt it just be rock in roll? i didnt realize if you had sex you were macho :lol:
but hey, this is tongue and cheek too.
  2002-04-26 08:51:49
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   Okay, so I went and checked out The Fakes on IUMA and they were a bit harder than I think the poster makes them out to be, but that doesn't matter anymore. I had an epiphany…
I've personally had kind of a distaste for the whole naked/half-dressed girl poster genre because I felt it was some kind of crutch used by folks to make a poster they didn't have a good idea for, but I've been wrong this whole time. What I never realized is that those posters represent a genre of music, macho rock — which incidentally I think The Fakes fall under. These bands run the gamut of rockabilly to snotty punk to garage to metal. Not exclusively all bands in these genres but bands that play in these genres that are mainly out there to be rock stars and fuck groupies and get drunk, not that this is a bad thing. So, to all the people out there that feel the girly poster is meaningless, you're wrong. These posters define their own genre jumping style of music that includes songs about fucking, macho guitar playing and women in attendance wearing "Porn Star" baby tees and fishnet stockings. LONG LIVE MACHO ROCK AND THE POSTERS THAT PROMOTE IT!
(This post is halfway tongue-in-cheek.)
  2002-04-26 08:33:58
goad74Send goad74 a message :   Trapper Keepers were a line of school binders put out by Mead I believe in the 80's. They had all kind of cool illustrations on them, but I still think my favorites were the one's that were just one solid color and said Trapper Keeper. Ah, I can still hear that velcro sound when you opened them up.
As for concept and all that. I totally agree with John Sausages about the only purposes that the poster serves is to first draw attention while still representing the sound or attitude of the band. I know it's cool to be all obscure with references and have a piece that is very thought provoking, but first and foremost you have to assume that the viewer is a complete idiot and needs their hand held and everything spelled out for them. Being an illustrator, I always like to have a little back story with all my pieces to draw the viewer in, but most of all, I'm just trying to create something eye catching. The bright colors of this poster along with the bold linework would definately catch my attention and cause me to look closer. In that respect it is successful. As to whether it would get me to go to the show, I'm not sure, although I have to admit I am curious as to what they sound like at least.
  2002-04-26 08:29:21
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   I can't believe I'm posting a reply to this but, what the hell. STOP USING THE FUCKING WORD "CONCEPT." It doesn't apply to the genre of rock posters and just confuses everyone.
"The concept behind every poster is to attract the attention of the public and hopefully convince them to go to the show. " That's half right. The other INTENTION of a poster is to portray in some way what the band is about so someone who doesn't know the band in the first place but likes the kind of music they play, will show up to the show because hopefully the poster represents them well enough. Now, I don't know this band but I'm going to guess that they're maybe a little bit poppy. They might be garage or psychadelic or stoner rock. Maybe their lyrics are all about women and fucking. Of course, I'm reading a lot into this poster but when people ask for "concept" this is what they want. Does it look like the band sounds? I'm going to go find out if it does right now.
  2002-04-26 07:56:08
r0ckhardmanSend r0ckhardman a message :   just what IS a trapper keeper? recall seein something on south park a while a go but wasn't sure what the hell the reference was about... enlighten me, oh americanos...   2002-04-26 06:32:16
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   I think we can all agree that gig posters are pretty much image advertising, and yet I can't believe how concerned some of you prisswads are about concept. The concept behind every poster is to attract the attention of the public and hopefully convince them to go to the show. This poster would catch my attention. I like the knife. I like the Barbie shit. I might go to the show. I read a lot of posts about how gig posters are useless, and pretty much mementos of the show. That might be true for someone marginally big in the public eye like Beastie Boys or Slayer. But for shit that don't get played on MTV often or at all, posters are a great way to communicate to the music buying public. I see people all the time scanning the windows at Sound Exchange, or 33 degrees, or even Tower fucking records on a Friday or Saturday afternoon to see what shows are going on that night. Judging by the usual mix of wacky photograph posters, boring pics of band posters, russian bullshit posters, and teched up Trapper Keeper art posters (ooh, a grid), this Scrojo poster would stand the fuck out like a Dwarves record in your Grandma's keepsake cabinet.   2002-04-26 04:02:13
HamptonSend Hampton a message :   Scrojo* Thanks for the cool ass poster for The Fakes, you're the man. The Barbie type treatment, colors and flowers crack me up! Dig the "Juxtaposition" and killer drawing. Don't listen to the poodles, this poster rocks!   2002-04-25 23:57:25
fritobanditoSend fritobandito a message :   That's what we thought. :roll: :-p :-?   2002-04-25 15:41:38
fritobanditoSend fritobandito a message :   Care to let us see YOUR work, Vortex? Maybe you could teach us something. Other than crappy manners.   2002-04-25 15:18:25
fritobanditoSend fritobandito a message :   Yawwwwn... that critique has been used a million times before by other critics. It's cute, but has no substance. How did you come up with that amazing critique? Hack critic.   2002-04-25 14:43:48
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