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Stephen Banes  
Abby Pub
Stephen Banes 
2002-03-10 17:40:51
Shazam, The

Shazam Poster - Abby Pub, Chicago - Stephen Banes

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getoutoftheleftlaneSend getoutoftheleftlane a message :   sometimes i just might love you, randomizer   2008-04-09 18:59:58
John ASend John A a message :   Wait... I think I see Horkey's signature stingray in the gap.   2007-11-23 17:35:37
john seaburySend john seabury a message :   If you squint your eyes real hard, it's big cameltoe.   2007-11-23 17:29:56
Earl KSend Earl K a message :   This leads your eyes to the important information...eventually. Great poster design.   2007-11-23 17:06:07
SquirtSend Squirt a message :   A one big one and two smaller ones...before and after...wait...was that TMI?   2007-11-23 17:00:48
John ASend John A a message :   shazass   2007-11-23 16:56:40
SquirtSend Squirt a message :   orgshazm   2007-11-23 16:54:34
john seaburySend john seabury a message :   I'm in...that's what girls do when I give them the Evil Eye.   2007-11-23 16:53:59
Earl KSend Earl K a message :   Letīs push this one to the front this weekend. Come on. Ass.   2007-11-23 16:51:33
John ASend John A a message :   shazamz   2007-11-23 14:17:20
frostbiteSend frostbite a message :   gp was all weird in '02   2007-05-11 08:47:56
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   By the way, I like Ba Dinky Dinks.   2007-05-11 06:19:29
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   More like ba dinky dink.   2007-05-11 06:09:37
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   That doesn't even qualify as "donk".   2007-05-11 06:08:29
getoutoftheleftlaneSend getoutoftheleftlane a message :   goodmorning random ba donka donk!   2007-05-11 06:00:17
RADARSend RADAR a message :   shazam   2006-06-08 21:40:25
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   i'd do yoga more often if that freak didn't stare at me every time.
  2006-03-06 14:40:44
John ASend John A a message :   drop it like it's warm.   2006-03-06 12:20:33
JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   Heiney!
Silly me, I probably would've drawn,... oh,... I dunno,.. Shazam, maybe?
  2005-09-07 19:50:53
DenisMutterSend DenisMutter a message :   Unsure - still processing   2005-05-17 13:44:40
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   What's that smell?   2005-02-18 06:00:06
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   bunz   2004-11-15 14:25:25
extrastoutSend extrastout a message :   nice cheeks.   2004-06-22 06:55:51
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Hynie :oops:   2004-06-22 02:09:33
modrocket10Send modrocket10 a message :   yeah I can go to bed now! :D   2003-12-30 00:25:33
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   random ass. must be close to my bedtime.   2003-12-29 23:41:05
Bryan MoatsSend Bryan Moats a message :   I started my day :( I had a nice snack :) I got some good work done :D
Then I saw this poster :o
Thanks to Michael Motorcycle 8)
  2003-12-04 13:50:34
Michael M. MotorcycleSend Michael M. Motorcycle a message :   goodness :o   2003-12-04 12:30:58
harpuas420Send harpuas420 a message :   my god I got a woody now   2003-06-13 14:08:24
PediniSend Pedini a message :   Nice butt. :P   2003-06-13 14:05:35
alPSend alP a message :   fresh   2003-01-28 20:38:27
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   randomized!!! what are the three naked chicks praying to? That eye in the sky? Are they at an Alan Parson's concert or something?   2003-01-26 20:36:58
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I've found that if I pretend she's praying to me, I like it better   2003-01-07 08:45:27
Brute666Send Brute666 a message :   Randomized nakedness!!!   2003-01-07 08:38:03
alPSend alP a message :   SHAZAM!!! ...damn...nothing.   2002-12-11 06:10:02
Darren GrealishSend Darren Grealish a message :   liking the ass!   2002-07-31 02:12:20
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   you guys are right. if i saw this poster I'd put on my sweats, grab me a gatorade and head over to Abbey's Pub. Good job!   2002-03-27 09:01:19
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   Great Point philaarts. Sometimes it's easy to forget the 'mission' of these posters. Your right, If I saw this in the window of a record store, I'd look to see what it was about.   2002-03-27 08:54:05
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   bootylicious   2002-03-27 08:53:38
John ASend John A a message :   Nice butt.   2002-03-27 08:42:18
philaarts.comSend a message :   hey all... my 2 cents would i buy this poster or pull it off a wall, nah. i would however LOOK AT THIS TO SEE WHOS PLAYING THE GIG (that is the point to me). as in contrast to alot of high end art that is posted here.
would grab my attention, that is one of the most important things about a concert poster aint it????
  2002-03-27 08:39:44
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   Great analogy Lure!   2002-03-27 08:31:47
lureSend lure a message :   sometimes it's kinda like looking a young designer's portfolio. and the work isn't really bad. it just isn't good and it seems that they have no clue what they're doing. and the only way to respond is to politely say "nice. thanks for coming in."   2002-03-27 08:26:18
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   i mean about the poster sucking......   2002-03-27 08:21:30
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   just teasin   2002-03-27 08:21:02
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   LOL Joe   2002-03-27 08:20:55
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   dave, run for mayor of new york, you'll win for sure.   2002-03-27 08:19:08
JGexSend JGex a message :   Something sucks, butt it ain't the poster.... :roll:   2002-03-27 08:18:47
jcooperSend jcooper a message :   i think it's bootyful! :-D   2002-03-27 08:18:07
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   I seriously doubt our forefathers meant that freedom of speach is the freedom to say whatever you want regardless of the consequences...but that is a whole other debate. People shouldn't need to censor themselves if they use their heads in the first place and think about the consequences of their words.   2002-03-27 08:17:28
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   so anyway, doesn't this poster suck?   2002-03-27 08:16:43
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   i hearya   2002-03-27 08:16:19
JGexSend JGex a message :   "Do what you will, lest it harm none" is my motto.... Dave Gink hit it on the head. If you're gonna say a poster is bad, at least give an explanation, otherwise you just come off looking like a jerk.   2002-03-27 08:14:54
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   ya know, things aren't always black and white.......on one hand i do believe that the best opinion posted up here is constructive criticism, on the other hand i do believe in self expression and saying what you feel, not censoring oneself. how bout this. say whatever you want. freedom   2002-03-27 08:11:14
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   Yes, the point of these forums is to express opinions. No argument there. But don't you think the opinions should try and be constructive? Someone saying something is bad is just that's persons need to tell the world what he/she dislikes on a personal level. There is nothing constructive there. and that negative comment is gonna stick on that poster forever. This is just my opinion...but I think these forums would be much more powerful if people commented on what they liked. Show other artists why they like them. If you really feel the need to say something negative, try to explain why so that the artist might benefit. Saying something sucks (whatever verbage is used) just doesn't cut my opinion.   2002-03-27 07:56:58
jcooperSend jcooper a message :   i'll take some cookies........wait, what are we talking about again?   2002-03-27 07:26:45
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   isn' that point of these forums, the exchange of diverse opiniones, lets' not begin to second guess one another or censor ourselves for fear of a petty disagreement   2002-03-27 07:23:30
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   whew! thanks i knew i wasn't losing my marbles   2002-03-27 07:22:08
DaveGinkSend DaveGink a message :   Every one has different tastes...those cookies may be fantastic to someone else.   2002-03-27 07:20:41
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   tough crowd here tonight   2002-03-27 07:20:28
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   u think what you wanna think allow me to express what i think allright?   2002-03-27 07:20:10
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   you can make cookies with all the necesarry does that automatically make them good cookies?   2002-03-27 07:19:14
JGexSend JGex a message :   Why do you hope I'm joking? I really hope you're joking.   2002-03-27 07:18:33
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   really hope your joking   2002-03-27 07:17:31
JGexSend JGex a message :   Just because YOU don't personally like it, does that make it a bad poster???
It has all of the pertinent info, well laid out and professional looking.
  2002-03-27 07:17:20
JGexSend JGex a message :   So is symmetry.
Again, why is this a bad poster?
  2002-03-27 07:15:46
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   asymmetry is good   2002-03-27 07:13:06
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   i coulda sworn i saw it at my local ymca   2002-03-27 07:12:18
JGexSend JGex a message :   Just curious.... why is this a bad poster?   2002-03-27 07:07:08
Joe KonopkaSend Joe Konopka a message :   nice body bad poster   2002-03-27 07:04:51
Mr FrumpySend Mr Frumpy a message :   I had to look twice tomake sure this wasnt a workout video or yoga for yo mama type thing.... theres wrinkles in the sheet. :lol:   2002-03-27 01:33:12
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