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The Decoder Ring Design Concern  
The Decoder Ring Design Concern  
2005-07-12 23:33:54
Decemberists, The
Okkervil River

Decemberists Poster - Emos, Austin - The Decoder Ring Design Concern

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Bread8Send Bread8 a message :   I have this book. I have that record. I have some posters.   2009-09-18 16:03:37
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Well, going along with Mr. Chantry's reference to 'God'... if we are created beings... are not we all 'Art'. Whoa... heavy, man! ;D   2009-09-16 13:59:18
MrBlonde7Send MrBlonde7 a message :   You know what's funny? Art Chantry himself is "Art" with a capital "A." Because his name is Art.
Get it?
  2009-09-16 13:55:11
GhostSend Ghost a message :   You know, i'm starting to come around on it. It's still art, but I'm starting to see that there is a line between functional posters designed to promote a show and well, gimmicks, to be blunt.   2009-09-16 13:42:38
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   this thread jumped ship to a different poster and became really confused. so, sorry about that. i should have realized that and kept it here.   2009-09-16 13:39:25
philaarts.comSend a message :   2009-09-16 13:24:34
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ghost -
i see what you're trying to define, but i go back to what i said in my last post. there has to be a agreed upon definition of art before it can exist. naow, we all agree there is a "god" (excluding all those mad athiests out there), but every single person defines that god slightly differently. and look at the madness that ensues.
if we decided to take a fiction like "god" and accept him as a reality, then it is not considered madness, but reality. it becomes truth.
so, when you defines "art" as "anything an individual wants to call 'art" then you've got no definition, just chaotic madness.
you see this lougie i just hacked up? i call it "art". and i want you to respect it as such, cherish it, admire it and bestow value upon it. i also have this urinal over here...
  2009-09-16 13:21:22
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Why remove a healthy exercise in philosophy?   2009-09-16 13:19:24
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Holy non-poster, poster, Batman!   2009-09-16 13:18:25
philaarts.comSend a message :   clay remove this poster plz   2009-09-16 13:17:01
GhostSend Ghost a message :   "If "art" is only whatever a sole individual thinks is "art", then there is no definition of art and it ceases to exist as a concept." But, you just defined it as 'whatever a sole individual thinks' negating the idea that it no longer exists.   2009-09-16 13:16:47
John ASend John A a message :   If pevetoe took this book in the woods and shot holes in it.. would it be a poster?   2009-09-16 13:15:57
GhostSend Ghost a message :   But, with that said. I'm a fan of altered reality. I'd rather fuck with people's pre-conceived perceptions. Kinda Andy Kaufman-esque.   2009-09-16 13:14:04
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   I think Peveto keeps these in a hand crocheted Shins backpack   2009-09-16 13:13:19
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   if "art" is only whatever a sole individual thinks is "art", then there is no definition of art and it ceases to exist as a concept.
can you understand that? definition is an agreed upon view of reality.
lily tomlin it a collective hunch. you seem to think you can re-define reality at will, on a whim, with youthful enthusiasm. i see that as a textbook definition of insanity.
"beware! on this path lies madness!" wooooo....!
  2009-09-16 13:12:42
philaarts.comSend a message :   ghost is at war.   2009-09-16 13:11:46
GhostSend Ghost a message :   SEE... now that was you best argument I've heard yet. It really made me stop and think about your side of it, and I can actually see where you are coming from now.   2009-09-16 13:11:35
GhostSend Ghost a message :   I guess we'll leave it at this then: art to you isn't what art is to me. Agree to disagree.   2009-09-16 13:09:47
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ghost -
no. i've printed posters that are functioning real posters on metal, records, plastic, even garbage found on the street. they worked and functioned as real posters. when i printed on a tshirt (or in this example - a book) it stopped functioning as a poster. it's called the "borderline of reality". it stopped being a poster when i actually applied my design to something that already had another cultural definition/function.
it's easy to push a borderline, but it's really hard to change reality.
but, but your reality, i'm at war with, who? you? really? hmmmmm...
  2009-09-16 13:08:57
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Well, obviously I had to spice up the vernacular a little bit to get the point across...   2009-09-16 13:07:49
Carlos ArtestSend Carlos Artest a message :   ill still be pretty young then, too   2009-09-16 13:07:41
John ASend John A a message :   I hope we can resume this conversation in the year 2013. I've marked my calendar.   2009-09-16 13:07:21
Carlos ArtestSend Carlos Artest a message :   id like to chime in with how young i am, dudes. and free thinking.   2009-09-16 13:05:40
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ghost -
what on earth are you talking about? i have no idea.
please explain who i'm at "war" with.
you guys live in a strange world, ya know?
  2009-09-16 13:05:02
GhostSend Ghost a message :   By your logic: Posters are not posters because they are paper with ads on them.   2009-09-16 13:04:58
philaarts.comSend a message :   "i even printed a poster on a tshirt and hung that around town.
guess what? it turned out to not be a poster, it was a tshirt. "
you meant to say you printed an ad on a tshirt..
  2009-09-16 13:04:45
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Also, a point worth mentioning is the fact that I said nobody's name whatsoever, yet Mr. Chantry automatically treated this as I declared war on him, personally.   2009-09-16 13:03:37
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   nope. it's a book with an ad on it.
when i did that poster printed on a tshirt, i hung it around town and people tore it off the poles immediately and began to wear them. it ceased to be a poster at once and became a tshirt. "they" set the definition, not "us". it's called "reality."
we can attempt to alter the definition, expand it, etc. but that change happens very slowly over time. maybe some day people will look at a book and say "look at the poster". but until then, this is a book.
i can call a chicken a table, but it doesn't make it a table. it's a chicken.
  2009-09-16 13:02:46
GhostSend Ghost a message :   Is it a poster in the traditional sense? No. Is it a book? Yes. Is it a book with a poster folded around it? Yes. Soo.... where's the confusion?   2009-09-16 12:59:35
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   evanplain -
seems to me your pointing out my "negativity" is rather negative of you. is that a correct analysis of the situation? you could have said "right on, art! it's about time somebody pointed out the truth!" but, you went with the sneering snide remark. a most negative approach. so sad.
  2009-09-16 12:57:30
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   not negative. just setting little ghostie straight on his/her thinking. just stating the obvious. if you go around thinking that you are inventing the wheel, then somebody has to have the nerve to point out the mistake. the emperor really does have no clothes on.
it's still not a poster. it's a book. just the facts.
(i think it's a readers digest condensed literature book, too.)
  2009-09-16 12:54:16
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   So I guess this is also one of those times where you're not being negative - we're just reading into the wrong way. Right Art?   2009-09-16 12:51:31
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   zach -
you must be one of those "free-thinking risk=taking' young poster artists" dudes, right?
gutsy, to say the least!
  2009-09-16 12:42:15
philaarts.comSend a message :   john killed a wizard   2009-09-16 12:41:46
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   LOLZ   2009-09-16 12:39:54
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   I love big sheets of paper with gigantic stuff printed on them. I am old school.   2009-09-16 12:39:49
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   fresh? free-thinking? new? oh, brother! the hubris of youth (and ignorance).
we did the same stuff 25 years ago. didn't print on a book. but we printed on all sorts of crap. i even printed a poster on a tshirt and hung that around town.
guess what? it turned out to not be a poster, it was a tshirt.
go figger.
old news before it happened.
  2009-09-16 12:36:42
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   still not a poster   2009-09-16 12:34:25
philaarts.comSend a message :   its a poster cause its on gigposters.   2009-09-16 12:32:53
GhostSend Ghost a message :   It's funny to watch the old / jaded / cynical / traditional poster artists argue with the fresh / free-thinking / risk-taking poster artists.   2009-09-16 12:22:57
John ASend John A a message :   four years later and you haven't come up with a better argument?
turn the page.
  2009-09-16 12:19:49
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   the whole point of this idea is to push the concept of what defines a poster to it's break point. well, it worked, it broke. it's not a poster.
if i silkscreen an ad on the side of a car is it a poster? no. it's a car with an ad on it.
this is a book with an ad on it.
they win. they broke it.
  2009-09-16 12:13:25
bathroom monkeySend bathroom monkey a message :   but it was used as advertisements, that can't be said for a bunch of the actual posters.   2009-09-16 12:00:46
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   still not a poster.   2009-09-16 11:53:09
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   these rule.   2006-10-22 17:23:51
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I hate the Decoder Ring.   2006-10-22 17:09:34
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   one of the best running commentaries ever.   2006-10-22 17:08:14
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Lamer.   2006-10-13 12:54:42
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   heh   2006-10-13 12:53:12
swampvikingSend swampviking a message :   Mike Fisher?   2006-10-13 12:50:24
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   This shit is brilliant, I saw these at Flatstock before I heard anything about 'em. Great idea, toally fits the band.   2005-12-04 07:50:44
eviltikiSend eviltiki a message :   after reading these comments i've come to two conclusions that this is a cool concept. even though getting the target audience to see it would be rather hard... i think the perfect forum would of been a used book store in a stack next to a shelf... but what's the chances of someone seeing in time... ...and art can be a dink.   2005-12-03 22:03:15
steve wSend steve w a message :   Bacon French Fries?   2005-07-19 13:52:46
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   BFF'S FOREVER   2005-07-19 12:37:00
ClaySend Clay a message :   Okie dokie.
My buttons are sore and tired. Quit pushing 'em. I've got too much to do :)
  2005-07-19 12:19:25
JGexSend JGex a message :   Thank you, Mr. Needles.... exactly what I thought.
Wait! Perkins is banned? Noooooooooo!!
  2005-07-19 08:28:41
JephSend Jeph a message :   205 comment...this is riduculous!!! And you muthas cost me $50.00   2005-07-19 08:10:06
RobSend Rob a message :   also, jeph took the under on the # of comments.   2005-07-19 07:55:06
needlesSend needles a message :   JGex, that was funny! assuming that there's some truth to all humor, i'll try and condense it for you, perkin's called peveto a dingle-berry. maxflo said it was gay(big surprise there...) then art chantry came to perkin's defence, and like everything here on this site, perkin's took it all wrong and clay had to ban him.   2005-07-19 07:53:21
JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   You were wrong.   2005-07-19 07:43:42
JGexSend JGex a message :   201 posts. should I bother taking the time to read this or can someone condense it for me? hahahahaha, get it? Condense? You know, like the Reader's Digest Condensed Novels........
OK, *I* thought it was funny.
  2005-07-19 07:41:59
JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   It's not a book, it's picture,.... most likely a jpg,...   2005-07-19 07:37:46
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   clay -
don't get so testy. i really don't much care what you end up doing with much of anything. this was simply a discussion about what these things are. that's all. no conclusions, no actions taken or suggested. just a discussion. it's exactly what is supposed to happen when somebody posts a book on a poster sight. the discussion was good and eveybody is happy (except the usual hateful folks). it's supposed to be the reason this site exists. discussion.
no problems.
  2005-07-19 07:23:04
philaarts.comSend a message :   i forgot to mention all fillmore posters.   2005-07-19 07:19:00
philaarts.comSend a message :   i think art was referring to posters that are just SOLD at the shows and never used to promote.
like right off the top of my head and if im wrong sorry, but like pollocks for phish are just merch.. and arent ames bros for pearl jam just merch?
or maybe im confused. which is probably the case.
in the end, id have a cup of coffee with any of you boobs.
kisses dave
  2005-07-19 06:57:43
GIGARTSend GIGART a message :   Decoder Ring should print out all these comments, bind them and use this book cover...then sell them. It would be a top 10 seller...   2005-07-19 03:03:53
figbagSend figbag a message :   I think the entire novel should have been hand rendered.   2005-07-18 23:20:52
kozikSend kozik a message :   Xantry has been driven mad by jealousy.   2005-07-18 23:07:13
bdixSend bdix a message :   perhaps there will be a nice story.   2005-07-18 23:02:04
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   i predict a rebuttal that is so mega-confusing and contradictory that this thread will implode   2005-07-18 22:50:46
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   Hey guys,
I like boobies, there should more of them on posters.
Make it happen.
  2005-07-18 22:43:50
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   FACE!!!   2005-07-18 22:34:48
ClaySend Clay a message :   Art - quit arguing for the sake of arguing. It has always been a rule that everything on this site has to have been physically used to promote a show. Not merch or souveniers. Go read the rules on the submit page over again. Its been the same since day 1. Its not that difficult to understand.
I have nothing to "figure out eventually". Obviously, you need to figure out how to read and comprehend the simple rules.
Nothing has changed with the rules, and nothing will. The site is running exactly how I want it to.
And .. as always, as one man, I can not know the entire history behind every image submitted to this site, so I rely on people letting me know if something has been posted that breaks the rules ... and I remove it.
  2005-07-18 22:33:27
figbagSend figbag a message :   How the fuck am I suppose to mat this?   2005-07-18 19:56:18
needlesSend needles a message :   wait until you see decoder ring's new gig condoms.   2005-07-18 19:02:14
connor13Send connor13 a message :   i thought they were soapboxes   2005-07-18 18:25:06
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   these are bookcovers right?   2005-07-18 18:12:21
connor13Send connor13 a message :   agenda   2005-07-18 17:58:48
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   posters, flyers, handbills.
it ain't rocket science.
  2005-07-18 17:57:17
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   clay -
after rading what you wrote, i have to admit, i now offically have no idea at all what is appropriate for this site. hell, i thought it was posters. then it was anything that sells a show, now it's some things that sell showss and not other things that sell shows. and bow tou are saying that anything that is sold as "merch" only (aka a souvenir'), is not eligible. but a huge number of the things on this site were never used as advertising, but sold ONLY at shows.. i don't understand anymore.
i guess it'll be up to you to figure it out eventually.
best of luck, there, buddy.
  2005-07-18 17:52:46
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Shhhhhhhhhhhh people are trying to read.   2005-07-18 17:08:37
slaterSend slater a message :   LOUD NOISES!   2005-07-18 16:54:10
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I'm so very very annnnngrrrrrryyyyy. FULL OF ANGST!   2005-07-18 16:39:55
John ASend John A a message :   I just found the registration decal for my car that I had misplaced after it came in the mail. This pleases me.   2005-07-18 16:32:06
b_turnerSend b_turner a message :   the concept of this poster idea is what's challenging... complaining about what makes it a legitimate poster is not.   2005-07-18 16:24:29
ClaySend Clay a message :   Art - I haven't 'opened' anything up. The rules have been the same since day 1. Thats why there are non-paper items on the site already. Tons of 'em.
I won't be approving tour shirts. In most cases they are made and sold at the shows. The are a merch item, not a free item handed out or posted around town to advertise. They are souveniers. Big difference.
Like I said, if someone were to print t-shirts that had band / venue / date info on them .. and went around stapling them to telephone poles .. that I would accept.
  2005-07-18 16:20:49
juicySend juicy a message :   I think it's neat-o.
Geoff, I have about 4 or 5 opossum skulls in my garage (along w/ some assorted bones and ahem, flesh intertwined)...
  2005-07-18 16:19:55
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   clay -
i actually rather thrilled to hear you've opened up the sight to include all sorts of promotional things. you might get swamped with tour shirts, though (which definitely promote shows).
as for my tshirt thing, i was only using that as an example to promote the discussion. i needed to come up with something that i had done that was similar in it's "misapropriation" or whatever.
perkins -
i wasn't being bitchy, i was just doing a discussion, expression ideas both in agreement and contradictory, even challenging. that's how a discussion works. you may note that i even came around at the end and expressed excitement at the propect of diversifying items on gigposters away from just posters. nothing bitchy about it. you're being too sensitive.
  2005-07-18 16:15:06
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Art, why are you being such a bitch?   2005-07-18 15:30:16
ClaySend Clay a message :   Alright .. since some people are having a hard time understanding the rules on the submit page, let me clarify.
This site has never just been limited to posters. It has always been gig posters, handbills and flyers from around the world. When I started this site, I didn't even know that screenprinted posters existed. It was all photocopied flyers and handbills. I called them posters, because .. well .. thats what I called them. The site evolved, grew and people started posting all the amazing art you see here today. The rules remain the same.
This site is an online interactive gallery used to display these items.
If you look around the site, you will see photocopies on regular paper, limited-edition screenprints, prints on metal, vinyl records, fabric, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Basically, if the item is either hung up around town, or handed out .. to advertise the bands and bring people to a show at a specific venue, it belongs on this site.
These books definitely belong. I see them as unique and cool handbills, spread around town to advertise the show. They are not posters.
If someone printed up 1000 frisbees with band, venue and date info on them and handed them out to promote a show .. yes ... it belongs on this site. Same as the books, I would consider these fancy handbills.
There are many things that I will not approve on this site including: promo posters, festival posters with no band names, posters that were not used to advertise the event, newspaper or magazine ads (as they are not an actual item in themselves), designs that were never physical items (portfolio stuffers etc), non-music posters .. etc etc etc.
Art - I'm not sure what the story is behind your t-shirt thing .. but if you printed them out .. and either handed them out to promote the show, or hung them up around town .. they belong on this site. Please submit it. This is no different than people printing on pillow-cases, frisbee's or beer glasses. If people get creative and use media other than paper to advertise a show, it belongs to be seen on here. The site will still remain 99% posters, as it is the most economical advertising tool for most shows.
  2005-07-18 14:51:51
b_turnerSend b_turner a message :   this is excellent fellas. Great concept and you had the taste to see it through in execution as well.
it's a good thing Geoff, Christian, et al. aren't making posters with the thought of them being judged, or deemed unfit to be shown or displayed on any "poster" site. This is an extremely creative solution to the same problem we all have when making posters, which is trying to effectively reel in the fans of these bands, and hoping to get some new folks interested enough to check it out as well. Sometimes I even question how effective slapping a poster on a wall or window is for accomplishing this. To nitpick this is just retarded. Thanks to Clay for even accepting these to be displayed here, and thanks to DRDC for daring and sharing.
  2005-07-18 11:56:24
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   i'm tickled in a way that an argument regarding the definition of the "posterality" or "posterishness" or what have you, of these gems is in fact over a BOOK form. heh.
fucking awesome. damn.
  2005-07-16 19:09:27
BreylanSend Breylan a message :   What a cool idea. Poster or not, I think it really fits the band and it looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.   2005-07-16 18:37:12
goad74Send goad74 a message :   Great concept, Geoff. Love it.
  2005-07-15 15:49:41
boadiceaSend boadicea a message :   my momma always told me dont talk to bricks   2005-07-15 15:46:04
bdixSend bdix a message :   why would you ask a brick if it was a poster?   2005-07-15 15:43:22
funkytrampSend funkytramp a message :   Negrodamus predicts: The Decoder Ringers will move to Houston--where conceptual art is king. They will be received as heroes and get laid with high maintenance sprongy-haired art scene girls who have fat bank accounts an like to do crystal meth.   2005-07-15 15:40:50
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   seems to me i was aking if it was a poster...   2005-07-15 15:36:55
bdixSend bdix a message :   but you just said it was a xmas card.   2005-07-15 15:30:03
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   not really. it WAS a brick.   2005-07-15 15:24:59
bdixSend bdix a message :   well, they probably thought too hard about it.   2005-07-15 15:21:12
boadiceaSend boadicea a message :   man, that is one xmas card i would loved to deliver..
right though a window..
  2005-07-15 15:18:47
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   actually, everybody thought it was a brick.   2005-07-15 15:15:40
bdixSend bdix a message :   no. it was a christmas card.   2005-07-15 15:11:28
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   a few years back, jamie sheehan sent out xmas cards that were silkscreened on a brick (standard red). it even had an fda nutritional informational chart (just so them hippies would know that they could actually eat dirt if they wanted to).
is that a poster, too?
  2005-07-15 15:09:29
philaarts.comSend a message :   coasters.. im tellin ya. makes total sense.. actually clubs should get em made anyway.. the use coasters... and the drinker could be pitched an upcoming show.
  2005-07-15 14:15:08
bdixSend bdix a message :   I'm thinking door hangers with China Buffet coupons the next time Wu Tang tours.   2005-07-15 14:06:52
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   wezzburlesque 2005-07-15 12:44:35
"would goat skulls with show info be acceptable for death metal show promo? i have a stack waiting"
now THAT would rule. ESPECIALLY if they were hanging on poles around town. I wonder how fast I can get to a slaughterhouse...
  2005-07-15 13:59:18
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   I dig it. Sweet idea...sweet execution.
And yea....its 'art'.
Is that wing of the Louvre thats full of antique furniture 'art'? I thought the whole 'art-deco' thing 100 years ago cleared this up...that ANYTHING could be art.
Cause the artists SAYS SO.
Nice work, DRDC.
  2005-07-15 13:38:56
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   ...back then hos didnt want me now im hot hos all awn me.   2005-07-15 12:54:25
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   At this point I am pretty sure I am the wrong person to judge anything regarding gigposters.   2005-07-15 12:47:36
wezzburlesqueSend wezzburlesque a message :   would goat skulls with show info be acceptable for death metal show promo? i have a stack waiting   2005-07-15 12:44:35
connor13Send connor13 a message :   :agenda:   2005-07-15 12:14:55
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   I was justbustin' Pevetos balls with the Gay comment.
I think this book/poster/advertising object is silly. But that's about it. It clearly wasn't made for somebody like me to appreciate anyway.
And Death Metal beer glass posters would be equaly silly.
  2005-07-15 12:02:03
RobSend Rob a message :   i still say we need a "don't listen to jeph" emoticon.   2005-07-15 12:00:58
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Jeph said under??????   2005-07-15 11:59:19
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   im waiting for the flatstock where nike gives out free edition of air force ones. corporate sponsorship hell.
and i didnt even get any of those stupid cons. the bastards ran out.
  2005-07-15 11:56:25
jSend j a message :   a few years back I saw a pair of underwear tacked to a wall advertising a show by a band called the Skid Marx. I considered that a poster at the time. In retrospect maybe that was simply because it was hanging on a wall. I'd consider this more of an advertising object.
Given the client and fan base I think calling this "gay" or design wankery is off base. It spoke to the bands and their fans, it created a buzz about the show and made the promoter happy. What more could you want from a piece of advertising? Great job!
  2005-07-15 11:54:36
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   let me try this again -
"sash". i meant SASH.
dang, i'm sloppy.
  2005-07-15 11:54:04
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   typo: that was supposed to "sah", not "sah".
also, you said 'sections', not 'categories'.
my bad.
  2005-07-15 11:53:18
philaarts.comSend a message :   i think it goes like this.
a person SUBMITS a gigposter to the site.. then clay either APPROVES or REJECTS it according to his own definition.
  2005-07-15 11:53:02
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sah -
there's different categories on gigposters? huh. i didn't know that. so, i can submit non-poster/flyer stuff in other non-poster categories?
  2005-07-15 11:51:44
er code blueSend er code blue a message : Flatstock people only throw punches for free Chucks.   2005-07-15 11:49:20
bdixSend bdix a message :   that rules me out.   2005-07-15 11:46:40
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   flatstocks from now on should have discussion groups where we actually talk about all this stuff in person, as opposed to 200 some odd typed replys. it would work so long as no one started punching.   2005-07-15 11:43:41
SashSend Sash a message :   oh no, it's not that simple. art's gonna submit all that stuff to be in the posters/flyers section (provided it advertises gigs).
which should be cool.
  2005-07-15 11:40:21
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   im gonna go with Art C as well. post that stuff! id really like to see some of it. if for whatever reason you cant post it in your "section" make a thread with it. show the world!   2005-07-15 11:37:53
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Just for note....Jeph said under 200.   2005-07-15 11:36:00
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   somewhere, i totally lost art's point.   2005-07-15 11:33:26
SashSend Sash a message :   I like being right.   2005-07-15 11:30:07
bob boringSend bob boring a message :   I think this is super cool. It's fun & well done. Hell, I even think it works with the band.   2005-07-15 11:29:39
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   stinkbait -
hey i think it's great. it pushes boundaries waaaaay out there. now i can post all sorts of cool junk. everybody else can, too.
you've done us all a huge favor.
- art
  2005-07-15 11:29:36
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Sasha's right . We don't approach anything poster design wise that isn't going to be fun. This is the side of our design company that is the freedom part. where the client has complete trust to let us do our thing.
our ideas are to push the envelope but we aren't trying to show off. those comments seem to stem from insecurity with someone's own work. we're just trying to keep things interesting.
And Art I don't think this qualifies as a traditional poster at all. We are trying to break tradition. Isn't that how everything evolves?
  2005-07-15 11:27:07
SashSend Sash a message :   i'd say these are posters which have been posted onto bound books. does the definition of a poster say "must be posted on a wall"? if so, they could be called flyers which have been pasted on a bound book.   2005-07-15 11:27:01
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   I saw HYPE.   2005-07-15 11:26:26
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sadly, i'm not trying to be sarcastic. i'm honestly excited about getting a chance to show all kinds of weird crap i've done over the years that i think is really nifty. it's "show and tell" day in grade school for me.
lotsa cool junk coming your way, folks.
  2005-07-15 11:25:33
pinoretreadSend pinoretread a message :   I think this is great.   2005-07-15 11:24:22
bdixSend bdix a message :   everyone feels the need to be right.   2005-07-15 11:22:54
erickSend erick a message :   damn... what a dick   2005-07-15 11:21:44
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   ouch, christian.
i really really get confused over discussions of what constitutes "art." a contemporary art history class i recently took spent many many many many many many many days on everyone discussing/ arguing over what "art" was or wasnt.
design is art as art is design in the same way a square is also a rectangle. at least, to me. but im pretty open minded about what "art" is because i have trouble seeing why it really matters.
but, everyone's got an opinion, and everyone's right in my book, i guess.
but, christian, yous and i's are gonna have it out next time i see you! im gonna scratch my art all over your well thought out "solutions."
  2005-07-15 11:21:42
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   clay should re-name this sight "gig solutions to problems".
i think i'm going to start loading this site up with everything i can find that i can that fits that thinking/description/whatever.
i figger clay will nix everything i post, but they will all be considered calefully thought out items just like those books.
what's fair is fair, right?
that means you guys can all start loading in tshirts meagazine/newspaper ads and frisbees.
i can't wait. there is going to be so much cool stuff on this sight now.
thanks, xian!
  2005-07-15 11:20:03
xianSend xian a message :   Artó we're on the same page. I think you have a valid point, and it's interesting to explore these issues.
Again, i'm not really concerned wether it's a poster. It's a solution to a problem, and a good one. That's all i really care about.
BUT i will say that i disagree with newyear about this being "art." It ain't art, it's a considered, thought-out, strategic solution to a problem.
Now listen westward for the sound of Richie's head exploding....
  2005-07-15 11:14:56
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Someone stole all your Reader's Digest books?   2005-07-15 11:13:03
bdixSend bdix a message :   the cat smell?   2005-07-15 11:11:15
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I'm so angry about something.   2005-07-15 11:09:58
bdixSend bdix a message :   how about I become the Decoder Ring PR person? You have to get rid of that cat smell though.   2005-07-15 11:07:17
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   stinkbait -
you are 100% correct. they are "advertisemnts for a show". no doubt about it. therefore they are posters. correct?
  2005-07-15 11:06:28
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   I'm only clarifying what is allowed on this site. By Clay's guidelines this is an advertisement for a show.
I'm not going to try and convince anyone that it's a poster or try and set an all encompassing definition of what a poster is. Everyone has their own definition of what a poster is. There are plenty of arguments about what constitutes posters even when they are all printed on paper.
We are pushing boundaries. If folks like that then great if not I don't care. We apply different thought processes when it's appropriate. You wouldn't see me doing something like this for Mastodon but you will see me make a kite kit for the Flaming Lips. If you are too close minded to accept something out of the norm then I don't care to engage in a discussion about why you are right and I am wrong. If you dig it I'll talk about what's next with you.
It's all subjective anyway. This is a valid advertisement for this show. It is unconventional but it promoted the show. It fits this sites criteria to be seen here.
  2005-07-15 11:03:10
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Duck Butter   2005-07-15 11:02:17
JephSend Jeph a message :   country crockô   2005-07-15 11:01:06
bdixSend bdix a message :   what's the spread?   2005-07-15 11:00:11
JephSend Jeph a message :   under   2005-07-15 10:59:58
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   200 comments by the end of the day.....over/under.
  2005-07-15 10:58:26
bdixSend bdix a message :   I am the fire starter!   2005-07-15 10:57:07
perkinsSend perkins a message :   My ex-stepfather used to like to say, "Stop your whining and quit acting like a goddamn tittybaby."
He actually said that a lot.
  2005-07-15 10:56:56
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   cool gigposter.   2005-07-15 10:53:18
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   as far as im concerned, and with how i know the decoder ring as people, this was something FUN and different for you to do, no? it wasnt necessarily a designer's "Show off" piece, or an attempt to stick a fork in what most folks here at GP like to call "traditional posters," but more of an exercise in creativity. isnt that what art is? isnt one of the best parts of making poster art our(the artists) ability to do something unique and different? to me, this is as much a "poster" as designing a desk is "art." it never ceases to amaze me how many artists get worked up over other artists doing something "different" or thinking outside the usual box. i always saw art as the ability to accept new and unusual ideas and concepts. did these pieces "succeed" at advertising for the show? how many people will actually go to this show because of this street promotion as opposed to print and/ or radio promotion? is there ever a way to tell what promotion for a given show is more "successful" than others these days? does that make sense? all i know is, if i lived in austin and saw one of these hanging out in a book store, i'd say "damn, that's a good idea," then i'd take it, even if were to go to poster hell because of it.   2005-07-15 10:53:15
perkinsSend perkins a message :   "I was told that I could lithen to my radio at a reathonable volume... If so & so can lithen to their radio while they're working, why can't I lithen to my radio while I'm collating?"   2005-07-15 10:52:15
JephSend Jeph a message :   DAMMIT Ferg beat me to it with his ridiculous ooop oop ark ark jibberish.
C'mon Clay, if you can't bring something to the conversation stay out of it. :)
  2005-07-15 10:51:55
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Yawn.....(see all below).
Cool book/poster.
  2005-07-15 10:50:58
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i'm not making rules and this ain't intellectual. i just wanna know how you guys play the game.
it's kind of a stupid game, ya know?
  2005-07-15 10:50:35
JephSend Jeph a message :   I just make comment 100, I'm a trend setter.   2005-07-15 10:50:19
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   eep opp ork ah ah   2005-07-15 10:49:54
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Art, the internet is not completley full yet, they still have room for you to start your own site for you to administer it as you see fit. I think Clay does a damned good job doing as he sees fit for the good of his site.   2005-07-15 10:49:38
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   The 'intellectualization' of rock posters will be the death of them. DeCrapper Bowl is trying to spearhead that movement.   2005-07-15 10:48:40
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I'm just glad Art doesn't make the rules. Now if somebody would just tell Art.   2005-07-15 10:48:30
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   stinkbait -
that's really cool. you posted the verbatum description of what clay defines as a gigposter. so, i guess the book is a gigposter.
so, i guess i can start newspaper and zine ads and tour shirts and shit like that.
thanks for clarifying that for me.
  2005-07-15 10:47:35
erickSend erick a message :   me too... I say we all go get a beer instead   2005-07-15 10:47:06
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   I hope this doesn't end up boring.
Too late.
  2005-07-15 10:46:49
philaarts.comSend a message :   i hope this doesnt end up ugly.   2005-07-15 10:45:57
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   rules suck, but i've been slammed on this site many times by people insisting on rules that i ignored. so, just what are these rules. understand?
if we're gonna have rules, i wanna know what they are.
  2005-07-15 10:45:48
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   xian -
ok, you misunderstand me. i'm nor asking for this item's removal (although i would not get upset if it was). i'm simply trying to figure out what is going on. this item is a direct challenge to the working definition of a gigposter here on this sight.
maybe my observations point toward a rather arbitrary and contradictory standard on this sight. frankly (and i've said this many times before) i really don't think most of the posters on this sight honestly qualify as a gigiposter in that they don't really advertise anything, but are souvenirs. for me, that's a huge proble. now, an item like this was apparently actually used for advertising, but isn't a poster that was hung on a wall (or was ever intended that way). but, then i'll bet many of the posters done on this sight have never seen a day oadvetising an event hanging anywhere ever.
so, to further clarify the problems i see with this item - if this is ok to post on site about gigposters, then tour tshirts and frisbees and funny hats and ballpoint pens or anything else that has the proper date/place/band should be acceptable. right?
i got a lot of stuff i could post here if such were the case. maybe even a couple of book jackets...
  2005-07-15 10:44:17
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Breaking rules is cool. Being all hoity toity about it is gay.   2005-07-15 10:43:22
wezzburlesqueSend wezzburlesque a message :   Only reason I could see a t-shirt used as show promotion being treated differently is because it's so ingrained that those are merch. But under these same guidelines, Art's show promoting T-shirts should be allowed on.   2005-07-15 10:42:17
bdixSend bdix a message :   I'm waiting for Geoff to hire me before I give away my real estate gigposter idea.   2005-07-15 10:42:14
wezzburlesqueSend wezzburlesque a message :   If i read his statement correctly, Clay says this site is for ANY materials used to promote a live music show, then this is totally within those boundaries.   2005-07-15 10:38:20
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   from the submit part of this site:
"Poster Requirements A gig poster is an advertisement for a live musical performance." this was 100% advertisement for this show. Unique yes, posted around town yes, hung on a wall no. It meets the requirements to be posted here.
  2005-07-15 10:37:07
bdixSend bdix a message :   Don't judge a poster by it's book.   2005-07-15 10:33:25
xianSend xian a message :   yes yes, that's what i get for trying to respond to numerous points in one post. wish i could go point-for-point but it would take way too much time!
so my overall point was: is it a poster? No. Does it do a better job than a traditional poster would have for this event / does it solve the problem? I think so.
So if it "breaks the rules" and needs to be removed from the site, then that's fine. I have no problem with that. I didn't design it for GP (or other designers tee-hee), but for the promoter, band and fans. And regardless of if it is removed, all this discussion has been a lot of fun. So there's certainly benefit in it's temporary inclusionó even if it's just in clarifying the rules (and how to break 'em).
Allright, back to work.... x
  2005-07-15 10:31:39
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   note: there is a typo i made in my comment. the last sentenc eof the first paragrah should say that it DOES NOT legitimize it as a poster. it makes a BIG diference.
i wish i could make a correction after the fact on comments.
  2005-07-15 09:17:30
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   xian -
your response to the question seems confused. you defend it and reject it as both a both and a non-poster at the same time. you seem to have mixed feelings as well. a few points: nobody is saying thatit is NOT appropriate for the band or isn't a great design or isn't extremely clever or anything of that sort. however, i do insist that merely having an advertising function legitimizes it as a poster (like you seem to suggest).
i think maybe you don't have a working definition of what is a poster. it's all just promo advertising novelty (aka design culture "good taste") passing for ideas.
i dunno. personally i think this piece (at least for me) goes over the line and is NOT a poster. my tshirt poster did the same. the realities of what is a "poster" is gone and the world of "frisbee" has been entered.
just a few thoughts. keep in mind i've struggled with just these problems for over 30 years and i guess this is where it comes down for me.
so,i guess it should be removed from gigposters (in my opinion), or else we need to start allowing tshirts on the sight (so long as they have datye/place/band).
clay -
in response to your note to me - i have no idea what you are talking about. but then, i seldom do. if you want a response, i'd say take a close look at this item we are discussing and tell us all why you think it should stay or it should go (why it is a gigposter or not a gigposter). keep in mind that whatever you decide will be aplied across the board by readers. then i want you to consider some tshirts i did that i claim are actually posters....
  2005-07-15 09:15:36
boadiceaSend boadicea a message :   for your next "poster" you guys should print on beer mugs and put those all over bars, for some dethmettal band.. would you like it then Maxi?.. heck, print on tampons for the lillithfaire...   2005-07-15 03:06:23
piemelSend piemel a message :   yeah yeah
i need to buy you a beer one of these days... been too long
  2005-07-15 01:19:57
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   For the record the 68 GT/CS Mustangs came with a V6 and are extremely rare now.
I didn't buy that car by the way because much like this "poster" it is not the real thing.
  2005-07-15 00:53:14
piemelSend piemel a message :   like a mustang with....
sorry fisher :)
  2005-07-15 00:38:51
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   I would steal these books.   2005-07-15 00:33:11
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   actually I think it's a novel way to promote a show.. :wah: :wah: :wah:   2005-07-15 00:30:38
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Shit like this makes me glad I don't make "posters" anymore. It is total wankery. Completely absurd.
Sure it is a neat idea and all but it is just so... so.... GAY! Like, it is just flexing. All show... no go. Like a tricked out Malibu with a 4 cylinder engine.
  2005-07-15 00:16:01
EMEKSend EMEK a message :   this is a great idea , is it a poster? read the art of modern rock page 471. (heh, this concept has actually given me some .. ideas...)
maybe i will write the band info on my hand and then nail that to a telephone pole, as some of us here are martyrs to our philosophies.. ...i ldo ove the display photo of the books, you could not have shown them and the concept any better. great photo.
  2005-07-14 23:31:45
altieriSend altieri a message :   I have read many a good book by the old readers digest colections. Airport was on of my favs.   2005-07-14 21:19:03
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I don't even know what to say here.
I don't know who these Decembrists people are and I only have an inling of what they do.
I know who the Decoupage Stink are...and they need to stop designing for designers.
  2005-07-14 21:13:52
BoydSend Boyd a message :   I love this idea. I don't think I'd (personally) call it a poster though.
I do think it serves the same purpose as a poster(advertising). And (for this band) this is GREAT advertising.
Planes and cars both move people, but they aren't the same vehicle.
  2005-07-14 19:49:44
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   I'm a big fan of non-fiction   2005-07-14 18:53:40
xianSend xian a message :   Now we're havin fun!
So Art's question is a tough one to answer. Just because i say it's a poster doesn't make it so. In fact it's not really MY poster. Once i hand it off to the promoter and they're posted around town they belong to the band and the fans, but that's sort of a cop out answer...
Is it a poster? Are we talking form or function here? If we're talking form, then there's no way in hell it's a poster... BUT if we're talking function, the conversation gets more interesting.
It's a solution to a problem.
We were hired by a promoter here in the southwest to promote The Decemberist's show in Austin. Did it create buzz about the show? You bet. Was it more impactful and more memorable than a traditional poster would have been? Absolutely. So problem solved.
Past that, finding these all over town created an experience that really meant something to the fans and made non-fans want to figure out who the hell the Decemberists are. Thatís priceless. The band absolutely loved them, and now loves the promoter for taking such good care of them. And for the first time in my experience (and probably the last), when payment for our services showed up it was MORE than we billed our client, with a big note of thanks.
Now as far as itís relationship to a novelty item, iíd say itís a different beast. Why? Because the form was determined by the nature of the band, rather than chosen for itís general wackiness. To call the decemberists a bit bookish is an understatement. You have to answer trivia about early 1900s female novelists to qualify for presale tickets to their shows!
I could write forever about this stuff, but right now I have to go meet the decoder kids and their ladyfriends for tacos and some rock-n-roll music. Iíll check back in tomorrow. Keep it coming!
  2005-07-14 18:43:50
ClaySend Clay a message :   Response to Art:
"clay's definition of what is an eligible gigposter is "
This site isn't just for gig POSTERS. As it says in the title .. Gig Posters, Flyers and Handbills from around the world!
Basically ... its an archive of items used to promote a band playing at a venue. This includes books (basically a fancy handbill).
I do not approve posters if I know that they were never used to promote the show. However, it is impossible for me to have the full background on every image submitted to the site.
If anyone knows of any posters that "break the rules" that appear on the site, please email me the poster #'s and explain why.
  2005-07-14 17:20:41
meliaSend melia a message :   i'm gonna camp with whitey.   2005-07-14 16:58:23
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   I don't think this is a poster so much as a conduit for sunshine to be blown up people's asses. I'm in the 'I like this regardless of what it is' camp   2005-07-14 15:17:21
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   xian -
so YOu did this, huh? now i know that, i can see your thinking all through this thing.
ok, chris. tell me, then. is this a poster (just because you say it is?)
i'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
  2005-07-14 15:01:56
jSend j a message :   I bet these are wrapped around stacks of penthouse forum mags.
Great idea.
  2005-07-14 14:48:17
Steve ChanksSend Steve Chanks a message :   Hey... is that the new Harry Potter book under there?   2005-07-14 12:20:53
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   these are fancy, I dig 'em   2005-07-14 12:19:27
figbagSend figbag a message :   Why do publishers bother with promotional posters for their books when they could just use the book jacket? Oh wait...   2005-07-14 12:12:43
xianSend xian a message :   Hi all! Art, that "nailed to telephone pole" idea is great. I wish we'd done it.
I actually got the raw fuel for these when we were in Maine rummaging through old junk stores with Bielenberg, Art and the Project M group. I came across a few of these and those old vintage piano rolls i used for the first Decemberists poster. Didn't know at that point what I'd use them foró just knew i loved 'em...
  2005-07-14 10:51:51
bdixSend bdix a message :   Are you guys hiring? I've got some great koozie ideas. :)   2005-07-14 10:48:20
philaarts.comSend a message :   is it on french paper?   2005-07-14 10:46:48
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   well the only credit I can take on this is being smart enough to answer Christian's E-mail when he wrote "Art Chantry sent me"
This was Christian's concept and he did it real nice. I did make him design an actual "traditional" poster using the elements of the spine. I can post a pic later. Those went up around town too.
But to the rule of actually getting these out into public they were distributed in plain sight. They were able to deliver a message even though it may have gone to a select few.
This band is sort of in a niche market of (pseudo) intellectual hipsters so the folks that knew the band would respond to this immediately. those that didn't, if they opened the book, got a nice little bio we printed on the inner sleeve. The show was sold out I think well before we even printed them and we knew they would. That allowed us to take a risk with the design.
One of the reasons Christian and Paul are my partners is they both think way outside of normal convention. I know alot of the stuff I did with Factor 27 started us down that road but these guys keep us moving further.
  2005-07-14 10:43:46
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   "..looks like we got ourselves a reader.."   2005-07-14 10:36:21
philaarts.comSend a message :   i love you guys.   2005-07-14 10:26:06
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   And I agree with Art's previous statement. Good one, and well articulated at that.   2005-07-14 10:21:20
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   And I'd do it again, too. Don't think for a SECOND that I wouldn't.   2005-07-14 10:20:53
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i think it would be really wonderful if these were nailed to telephone poles as is. try to imagine what it would look like - books nailed to telephone poles, a big ol' spike sticking out of the midle of it. hilarious.
clay's definition of what is an eligible gigposter is that it has to have a band, a date, and a place. a lot of posters (like political posters or ornametal posters) don't even have that. clay's definition gets to be pretty vague in application. there are some posters here that were completely illegible. many were not intended to advertise anything, but be sold at the event as a souvenir. many were done as a one-off or 'retroactively' or as 'art prints'or paintings even total frauds. they are all within his working definition of a gigposter.
now, i've always operated with a definition of what a poster 'is' (i never realized it until i looked at this book/thing). one rule is that it has to be a legitimate advert or political commentary of some sort (even as a joke or decorative poster). that's the only way to seperate it from a painting.
another rule for me is: it has to be used in some form (or 'danced' as the art matrons say) as a real poster (aka - "posted" somewhere). that means it has to be something that can be hung on a wall (and actually has been). these are two rules i discovered i worked with. however, every poster i do is an attempt to test and challenge rules, but these rules for me have become unbreakable and still be what i consider a poster.
now, these books things are a direct challenge to those rules i made for myself. so, i need to ask - is this a poster? or is it a novelty advertising object (like a frisbee or a pen?) now, i've done a poster that was printed on a t-shirt and it generally failed as a poster because the rules of what posters are (at that time) would nopt allow the users (the public) to understand it was not a tshirt. even when it was hung on a telephone pole, it was a tshirt, not a poster. it was just too impossible to see it as anything else. people took them off and wore them. they said "hey, cool tshirt!" is this book thing the same situation?
also, i have to point out that living within clay's rules of gigposter definition, i literally COULD write the band/date/place on the palm of my hand and call it a gigposter and it would be allowable.
all very confusing and i thank stinkbait for bringing up the challenge. i live for this stuff.
  2005-07-14 10:16:55
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Mmmmm horse meat   2005-07-14 10:09:12
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Denny once rode an amputated horse leg through a lake of sour cream and onion dip.   2005-07-14 10:02:12
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   Again, you are correct sir.   2005-07-14 10:00:02
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Denny is full of interesting information.   2005-07-14 09:56:12
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   Good point.   2005-07-14 09:54:37
RobSend Rob a message :   but denny, blah blah blah blah and blah.
whatever dude.
  2005-07-14 09:54:01
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   yeah but, blah. blah blah blah blah.
blah blah blah blahb lahb alhb lahb alhb. and then blah blahjbahb , but you said that blbhab lahb albhabhal balhbalbh a and he doesn't even blahb lahb alb.
but that doesn't account for blah blahb alhb alhb alhb albh aand the symbiotic concurrence of blah blah blah lbhalbh.
But if you think that blah blah blah balhb then I just can't blah blahb albh.
  2005-07-14 09:51:49
bdixSend bdix a message :   What if I wrapped a poster around a book? Not a poster anymore? What if that poster is wrapped around a telephone pole? Is it a phone now?   2005-07-14 09:36:15
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   This is a lovely promotional item for a rock show. But it's certainly not a poster.
If I wrote the name of a band and the date of a show on my hand and walked around town I don't think anyone would call my hand a poster.
  2005-07-14 09:33:21
seripopSend seripop a message :   do these actually work to advertise a show? if so then rock on.   2005-07-14 09:32:44
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I don't personally believe there are any boundaries. I'll make fun of this stuff all day long because Geoff, Paul & Christian are my friends, but in truth Factor 27/Decoder Ring have come up with some of the more brilliant ideas ever executed on rock posters. I think they ARE posters because the creators say they are. As to the question, "Why do this...?", my take is this: The current gig poster community is thriving with talent, both in illustrated and non-illustrated designs. The bar is set pretty high, in my opinion. Why not try to be the best, to come up with truly original concepts (not easy)? Maybe it's as simple as wanting to do work that you are proud of.   2005-07-14 09:27:37
philaarts.comSend a message :   werent some printed in poster format for "non book" cover promo?
art-what about the poster you printed on a record?
was there a "paper" rendition done too?
  2005-07-14 09:20:05
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Boundries of what constitutes a poster should be left to the individual just as the boundries of conceptual art. I hate most conceptual art, but I understand someone likes it so who am I to say that a pice of graph paper is art when someone else will pay big money for that "piece of art"? just saying boundries are for people who want to control. That's all, not arguing.   2005-07-14 09:10:41
scott campbellSend scott campbell a message :   i thought this was a poster for The Books   2005-07-14 09:07:41
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   phoon -
that's not very fair. i love these things - i'd love to own one, in fact. i think stinkbait is a brilliant designer all around. but, part of the intention , part of the point of the novelty of this thing is to provoke the boundaries of what constitutes a poster.
stinkbait brought the challenge to the table when he did this thing. to ignore it would disappoint the intention of the piece. i say, he insists we discuss it. why do this otherwise?
  2005-07-14 09:04:18
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Technically not posters, more like "culture jamming" artifacts.
I have a buddy that makes small-run improv LPs, and leaves them in thrift stores.
  2005-07-14 09:03:28
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   hater   2005-07-14 08:58:39
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i dunno. there is a point where gimmicky ideas destroy the point of the piece. i felt the same way about that flaming lips "header card package" thing factor 27 did a while back. a lot of emeck's novelty printing ideas really push the edge as well. i suppose if i put a sticket on a table, it's automatically a brilliant poster, simply because i declare it a poster? or, what? duchamp's efforts aside, where does this idea reach the point of pointlessness? when you silkscreen a poster image on a car (for a band like, say, the cars?)???
now, i know i've pushed these definitions in my own work rather religiously. once, when i had entered a copy of my metal bullethole teengenerate poster and my plastic vacuum-formed nirvana poster in a poster exhibit, the judge (in this case paula scher) declared them "not posters" and eliminated them from judging (but not the show). so, the responses are definitely mixed all a round.
these are beautiful objects, but whether or not they are posters anymore is an open question for discussion.
  2005-07-14 08:56:24
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Read it on the toilet   2005-07-14 07:39:51
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Aww, cute.   2005-07-14 06:32:36
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   anything Flores touches is golden   2005-07-13 23:04:42
DecabetSend Decabet a message :   One day one of these books will turn up on a Dave Flores poster, and that is how you will know that youve made it to the big time!   2005-07-13 22:55:28
needlesSend needles a message :   this is a really great idea. it's a different approach to advertising a show. not only does it fit the band perfectly, but i'm not sure a gig has ever been promoted this way before. placing them in book store, and the like. my only complaint is the photo. you should have shot, or scanned just one book. i think in an odd way it would have had more impact here at GP. but it really is brilliant.   2005-07-13 21:57:56
twelvevoltSend twelvevolt a message :   i am still not 100% sure how i feel about this. somethin just doesn't sit quite right with me---   2005-07-13 15:57:21
meliaSend melia a message :   rules.   2005-07-13 15:18:55
Michael NamecheSend Michael Nameche a message :   This is the bee's knees baby! Pushing the envelope.   2005-07-13 14:54:21
Ron LibertiSend Ron Liberti a message :   nice....very nice   2005-07-13 14:34:34
philaarts.comSend a message :   well my day is ruined now.   2005-07-13 14:27:50
ClaySend Clay a message :   Decoder Ring has already had a POW. Sorry!
They do kick ass though.
  2005-07-13 14:21:21
philaarts.comSend a message :   i was thinking the same thing.   2005-07-13 14:16:15
DecabetSend Decabet a message :   If these dont go POTW, then there be no justice in this world.   2005-07-13 14:14:06
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   These are totally not posters.   2005-07-13 13:51:47
erickSend erick a message :   man... what a great idea.   2005-07-13 13:45:42
xianSend xian a message :   ha! just logged back on. yep, you guys nailed it. a poster for bookish fans of a bookish band. i love these guys and we wanted to do something special to match the piano roll poster i did for their last austin show.
these are two of my favorite patterns out of all the horrible covers that RD put out back then. you should check 'em outó wonderfully horrible....
  2005-07-13 11:40:26
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Kick ass idea.
  2005-07-13 11:30:12
perkinsSend perkins a message :   "...a poster for nerds"...!
Well, there you have it!
  2005-07-13 11:29:39
needlesSend needles a message :   you guys are crazy   2005-07-13 11:26:31
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Reader's Digest used to issue (they may still do it) collections of short stories. They looked exactly like this. The pattern and spine is straight off the books we bought to do this project. they were from the 70's and had really ugly colour combos and patterns.
This whole project was focused directly at Decemberists fans who got it. Both the concept of the band being very literary and remembering the old Digest books.
It was a poster for nerds. We also printed big versions of just the spine that were much larger.
  2005-07-13 11:11:15
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   you guys are silly, like riding a furry tractor.   2005-07-13 10:59:37
boadiceaSend boadicea a message :   The concept is quite exquisite, but the execution seems a little sparse, like that book just looks so boring, and the sticker so small.. i would never even notice it .. but maybe thats the point? a show for only the special book nerds?   2005-07-13 10:49:28
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Here's some pics to show how they were placed all over town.
these were all wrapped around old Reader's Digest collections. these patterns are off the original books...
  2005-07-13 10:44:52
bdixSend bdix a message :   I reviewed this poster at   2005-07-13 09:12:38
philaarts.comSend a message :   tee hee.   2005-07-13 08:07:13
xianSend xian a message :   I sat on this one for a long time waiting for them to come back around to Austin. We put them all over town in bookstores and record shops and let folks just find them in the weeks before the show. I have a bunch of pics of then next to Elton Johns bio and other odd spots, but geoff will have to post 'em 'cause i'm web-tarded. Did a screenprinted run and a big offset run too.   2005-07-13 07:56:40
RadarSend Radar a message :   you guys are retarded, in a good way.   2005-07-13 07:33:37
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   didn't get it at first but now I see.Literary band, literary design.Ahead of the pack   2005-07-13 06:28:15
breereeSend breeree a message :   huh!   2005-07-13 06:25:14
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   very appropriate.
i bet just hanging the sleeves for promotion would be cool too.
  2005-07-13 03:53:24
DrozdSend Drozd a message :   YEAH!   2005-07-13 02:35:20
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Geez. Great idea!   2005-07-13 02:25:47
slaterSend slater a message :   i love you geoff.   2005-07-13 01:52:42
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