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Alan Hynes 
The Pound
San Francisco
Alan Hynes 
2005-06-03 12:42:32
King Diamond

King Diamond Poster - The Pound, San Francisco - Alan Hynes

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Steph NitroSend Steph Nitro a message :   random wholesome goodness gracious   2013-01-02 18:16:06
kylewbakerSend kylewbaker a message :   sweet, glad this got bumped.   2010-03-16 10:57:04
MasterjonSend Masterjon a message :   Nun on nun action! Sweeet!   2010-03-15 22:21:53
obrealSend obreal a message :   xlnt (hands wringing)   2010-03-12 12:38:52
bingybunnySend bingybunny a message :   Got it !   2010-03-01 09:12:14
bingybunnySend bingybunny a message :   one more Hynes to try to track down.   2010-01-09 21:13:30
thirteenSend thirteen a message :   One of the greatest posters ever :)   2009-10-23 11:45:25
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   Rock poster   2007-10-08 17:19:58
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   Random sexy darkness..   2007-10-08 16:39:37
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   I hung this in my kids' bedroom , his mom made me take it down   2007-05-26 13:33:16
macthulhuSend macthulhu a message :   Praise Tha Lawd for the Randomizah!!!   2006-04-24 06:04:16
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   awesome in person too   2006-03-03 13:26:54
cleverkarateSend cleverkarate a message :   So naughty, but so nice. Thank you, randomizer.   2006-03-03 13:19:51
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   bump n for the heck of it   2006-01-21 12:09:57
flying dutchmanSend flying dutchman a message :   WoW   2005-10-03 04:49:22
VonDadaSend VonDada a message :   King Diamond rocks!
Cool poster, too.
  2005-06-10 22:49:27
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Yeah I remember you, blonde hair right?
I used to carry around a box and tape parties and stuff. Got some classics. You can find some here:
Burgh Lives
  2005-06-09 09:38:11
MoreguinnessSend Moreguinness a message :   Scott Johnson...yeah Scott was a rad artist Keith's somewhere in CA...haven't heard from the rest of the hell magnet Skater crew...I still talk to Chris Dunham but that's about it.   2005-06-09 09:00:27
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   HA HA, Mike Bassett "the intellectual metalhead"...I grew up w/ Scott Hinman, was a great artist, then he got kinda weird, heard Keith Hinman went preppy (!), what's Todd doing? Maney's a tattooist, saw him on Central Ave a few years ago; Kevin Fitzgerald: wore Black Flag trenchcoats and OMD t-shirts. Ha, all you guys were little shits, fun times.
My pals were Gavitt, Grayson, and Welch. What's yr name?
  2005-06-09 08:38:47
MoreguinnessSend Moreguinness a message :   Yeah me...the Hinmans, Maney, The Bassetts, Hollis, Kevin Fitzgerald...that was my crew. Busting into Metal Church on a Saturday night and getting picked on well Zepplien blasted at Devil's.   2005-06-09 08:25:55
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   WHO YOU?!
Devil's Kitchen High Cliff Low Cliff Shit Rock Denby's Hill Old Devil's Old High Cliff
  2005-06-09 07:52:28
MoreguinnessSend Moreguinness a message :   Lansingburgh represent   2005-06-09 07:51:18
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT
I'm not so much into his solo stuff but King will forever get my respect for those incredible Mercyful Fate records; every Halloween we'd take shrooms and run around Oakwood Cemetery (burial place of Uncle Sam) and listen to MF while tripping out.
  2005-06-09 06:13:41
gav_beattieSend gav_beattie a message :   may god forgive your wandering soul, shame on you. delly poster though.   2005-06-09 03:21:50
SwitchSend Switch a message :   woah, id attend sunday school every week at this church.   2005-06-08 08:20:37
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Ahhhh Hello again.   2005-06-07 15:23:57
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   woah   2005-06-06 18:19:43
chrisSend chris a message :   This is the must have of the season!   2005-06-06 08:25:21
Steve ChanksSend Steve Chanks a message :   see, this is why you don't hear about nuns molesting kids...   2005-06-06 07:51:25
l.stalionsSend l.stalions a message :   i'd attend service. looks like fun.
this kills!
  2005-06-05 14:08:27
needlesSend needles a message :   my kinda church!   2005-06-05 12:41:10
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   right on radical. Huge too!   2005-06-05 10:48:22
TributeSend Tribute a message :   Love it   2005-06-05 08:26:26
jtwSend jtw a message :   This is so ridiculously good. Amazing.   2005-06-04 21:43:21
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Kind of evil and stuff.   2005-06-04 17:20:52
americanvendettaSend americanvendetta a message :   That's a crucifldo not a dildo fix ya fookin cunt chya   2005-06-04 16:16:54
knutSend knut a message :   oh this so great...   2005-06-04 04:44:31
ScrawledSend Scrawled a message :   Great illustration and a funny tingle down below too!   2005-06-04 02:37:05
electroforkSend electrofork a message :   wow! amazing.   2005-06-03 23:12:26
JoltedJoelSend JoltedJoel a message :   awesomeism!   2005-06-03 22:48:19
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   days that end in "Y" make you want to sin......thanks for the story Hynes great poster   2005-06-03 21:45:15
JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   Makes me want to sin,...!   2005-06-03 21:41:16
kathleenturneroverdriveSend kathleenturneroverdrive a message :   This is BOUND to offend Catholic priests who are fans of King Diamond. You might want to rework this and have two naked schoolboys in a loving embrace. Remember your target audience!   2005-06-03 21:05:37
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   fucking fantastic.   2005-06-03 20:35:10
poguemahoneSend poguemahone a message :   st. peeping tom in the background   2005-06-03 17:15:03
John ASend John A a message :   you know how to make a shaved lesbian nun pregnant?   2005-06-03 16:49:58
ShinyBlueRobotSend ShinyBlueRobot a message :   God Bless 'em! ;)   2005-06-03 16:49:39
kozikSend kozik a message :   them nuns shaved their cooters.   2005-06-03 16:48:01
ShinyBlueRobotSend ShinyBlueRobot a message :   I've never really thought that lesbian sex was all that hot until this very moment. I am now converted. Thank you.   2005-06-03 16:45:31
ShinyBlueRobotSend ShinyBlueRobot a message :   SEXY AS ALL HELL!   2005-06-03 16:44:32
LeiaSend Leia a message :   Oh my God! Helllllllo!   2005-06-03 16:40:37
kozikSend kozik a message :   Holy MOLY!
  2005-06-03 16:37:14
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   That little bunny at the top is cute. Why is he so mad?   2005-06-03 16:09:07
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   I agree with Perkins
  2005-06-03 15:53:09
slaterSend slater a message :   good story about the artist and wicked good job on the poster.   2005-06-03 15:34:22
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Bad ass.   2005-06-03 15:31:44
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   that one nun looks pissed. good stuff.   2005-06-03 15:20:39
CERNOCHSend CERNOCH a message :   Where can I get one of these?   2005-06-03 15:05:21
HYNESSend HYNES a message :   we werent allowed to actually speak with King Diamond but when we were negotiating a percentage with his manager he took a poster back for Mr. diamond to see. When he came back out he said he didnt want any money - just one poster -rolled. I thought that was pretty cool. He also took two extras and sent them back to me a week later signed. Not many people would go that far out their way, King diamond really appreciates his fans.   2005-06-03 15:03:02
PediniSend Pedini a message :   well made
King Diamond is a silly goose
  2005-06-03 14:56:47
HYNESSend HYNES a message :   I think King Diamond does it really well but he sort of makes me laugh too.   2005-06-03 14:52:40
standardSend standard a message :   This is really well-done but sort of makes me laugh.   2005-06-03 14:51:36
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   "Nuns have no fun"   2005-06-03 14:49:58
HYNESSend HYNES a message :   35' x 21" 3 colour screenprint.
I probably need to set up a seperate desinger listing for these but... Linework by my partner Christian Hall, lettering, printing and stuff by myself.
its a dildofix ...
  2005-06-03 14:42:03
scrojoSend scrojo a message :   very slick! great image and flawless composition.
also thought it was
  2005-06-03 14:41:26
CERNOCHSend CERNOCH a message :   "and is that a dildo shaped like a crucifix?"
I think it is, at first I thought it was a potato masher...
  2005-06-03 14:35:39
slidingpastSend slidingpast a message :   catholic school girls rule.
and is that a dildo shaped like a crucifix?
  2005-06-03 14:31:40
adamturmanSend adamturman a message :   Yes! Mmmm. yes.   2005-06-03 14:30:22
8onrepeatSend 8onrepeat a message :   RULES!!! I have a chubby. Rules!!!   2005-06-03 14:29:07
doggydoodleSend doggydoodle a message :   I thought this might be an RBlack poster. Pretty happy that it's a Hynes though. Nice...rendering.   2005-06-03 14:21:59
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   this just rules so much on so many levels. i feel dirty and i love it.   2005-06-03 14:20:47
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Awesome!   2005-06-03 14:20:04
getoutoftheleftlaneSend getoutoftheleftlane a message :   uummm...   2005-06-03 14:15:52
sanyaSend sanya a message :   Oh! My god!   2005-06-03 14:15:50
bdixSend bdix a message :   Please...don't let me interupt.   2005-06-03 14:04:38
CERNOCHSend CERNOCH a message :   I have an evil erection right now...   2005-06-03 13:55:50
John ASend John A a message :   Wicked good.   2005-06-03 13:46:04
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