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Jeff Kleinsmith  
Jeff Kleinsmith  
2001-12-08 14:24:49
Possum Dixon
Chainsaw Kittens

Possum Dixon Poster - RKCNDY, Seattle - Jeff Kleinsmith

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Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   fuck...concept kicks all sorts of ass, kinda like the bandaid one. Brilliant!   2003-04-02 14:13:53
jason_killingerSend jason_killinger a message :   oh my god. i have those matches.   2002-11-20 10:33:08
maynardSend maynard a message :   New band name: "Monk, the Golden Spunk"   2002-08-20 13:23:07
tomnskSend tomnsk a message :   but their spunk was GOLD.   2002-08-20 13:21:08
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   you beat me to "monks whacking off."   2002-08-20 13:20:05
kozikSend kozik a message :   true...
those fancy manuscripts are complicated on purpose as it was an exercise in 'discipline'
'Idle Hands are the Devbil's tool' those monks where whackin off anyways.
  2002-08-20 13:16:57
maynardSend maynard a message :   Graphic Design history is treated like a bastard child in most "fine" art circles... what can you do?   2002-08-20 13:15:53
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   What about those Illuminated Manuscripts? nobody could read that crap?   2002-08-20 13:14:01
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   as long as there have signs and ads, there have been mixed type and distressed type. always been there. the 'art world' had NOTHING to do with it, no matter what they think.   2002-08-20 13:13:56
kozikSend kozik a message :   like the victorian era broadsheets?
mix and match yes...but I don't think they 'distressed stuff' on porp[use.
  2002-08-20 13:11:33
maynardSend maynard a message :   Frank - Check out Kandinsky. I think he was turn of the century as well, but he was more of a designer than a painter.   2002-08-20 13:11:19
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   seri, yup that's what i was saying without really saying it.   2002-08-20 13:11:00
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   try AMERICAN ADVERTSING, framk.   2002-08-20 13:10:06
seripopSend seripop a message :   CAN fault him for swollen head, believing his own hype b.s   2002-08-20 13:09:38
kozikSend kozik a message :   I might be wrong but I think that Picasso and Picabia and their circle did like the first 'deconstructed type' in their paintings and such like around 1908 or so.
anyone earlier that did it 'on purpose'?
  2002-08-20 13:09:25
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Bauhaus, too. Herbert Beyer was a mad man.   2002-08-20 13:08:16
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   i thought he was great when i first met him. we kind of had the same f.u. attitude. then i think he started to believe his own press and had to create an acceptable academic reason for his work. what he did to design was both good and bad. can't fault him for overexposure or copycats.   2002-08-20 13:07:49
maynardSend maynard a message :   There seems to be a big Russian (1910ish) influence on that kind of work.   2002-08-20 13:06:19
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   frank -
like i said. schmucks like us.
  2002-08-20 13:05:37
tomnskSend tomnsk a message :   i think carson is a good example of someone that shouldn't think too hard about his own work.
or worse yet: listen to other people who have thought about his work.
  2002-08-20 13:05:04
maynardSend maynard a message :   Well you can't really do a b/w flyer for a punk show with Caslon Small Caps... or can you? That sounds like a rule that can be broken...   2002-08-20 13:04:37
kozikSend kozik a message :   and what about like thge DaDa guys and the "Nue' guys back in the day?
and all that weird post-war psuedo-surreal/cubist ad shit in the 40's?
  2002-08-20 13:03:49
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   schmucks like us invented mixed type.   2002-08-20 13:03:30
kozikSend kozik a message :   I thought that the whole gay
'postmodern' movement 'invented' mixed type.
  2002-08-20 13:02:20
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   he and i used to have a correspondence going back in the beach culture days ( he was a big fan of the rocket). he once told me that secret to his succes was a list of'the rules of graphic design' that he'd obtained from some design class somewhere. it had rules about 'don't mix typefaces' - shit like that. he kept that posted on his wall and he went about trying to break as many of those rules as he could on every project he did.
it's hard to completely hate a guy like that, no matter how bad he turned out.
  2002-08-20 12:58:25
maynardSend maynard a message :   "like all diy, incompetance looks freash."
I have to agree. I just wish that Mr. Carson got less credit. Last year (or so) I was walking around my neighborhood which contains a gallery (Forum, nice place). I walked by to see who was being shown and lo and behold: "Exclusive Showing of the Work of David Carson." It bothered me that he gets to play the Great Artist when his work, to me, is a one-trick pony. Distression and deconstruction are useful techniques, not a career. Just an opinion of course.
  2002-08-20 12:56:49
kozikSend kozik a message :   I am happy I missed out on all of it. I just watch star trek.   2002-08-20 12:55:05
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   i saw him speak when raygun was first gaining attention and all he talked about was how his goal was to break rules and have fun. he was very funny and had this great laid back punk attitude. for example, he'd make the page number the biggest thing on the page cause he knew he wasn't supposed to do shit like that. a little over a year later i saw him speak and it was like listening to a completely different guy. he stood there describing his "genius" with pseudo design babble bullshit. he was all serious and said he knew what he was doing the whole time. completely opposite of the year before.   2002-08-20 12:52:30
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   It's all Poop to me.   2002-08-20 12:49:45
seripopSend seripop a message :   david carson got soo dated soo fast. he also seems to have forgotten that above all design is supposed to be functional. i saw him lecture. what a pompous twit. art i would pay good maney to hear those tapes. yer pal should release em. or make mp3s ha ha   2002-08-20 12:48:50
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   david carson. his work on beach culture was brilliant - he presented fucktup punk design in a full color glossy format as if it were 'good' design, but it was just zine-style skatepunk surfer art. then the design world went "hey, cool!" and copied it as if it were 'good' design, thus it became 'godd design'. it was also easy to do, because like all diy, incompetance looks freash. then we had ten years of really bad design presented and accepted as good design. now, you have to admit that was brilliant.
of course, carson just seem to think he was a genius (instead of right place/right time). and raygun was himself copycatting himself. all his great ideas were exhausted in beach culture. and then he burned out.
  2002-08-20 12:47:41
maynardSend maynard a message :   David Carson was NOT solely responsible for deconstructed text treatments. Though he was an early experimenter and the only one that got "recognized" (mainly because he wasn't a designer by training). There were and are many other people involved in that style and for just Mr. Carson to get credit just ain't right.   2002-08-20 12:46:26
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message : just don't get it, man...It's not about the's about the feelings they convey when you can't read them.   2002-08-20 12:44:53
kozikSend kozik a message :   raygun? that magazine sucked. you could not read a damn thing and i never liked it. There where some cute girls in there sometimes tho.
so he's responsible for all that headche inducing fucked up text stuff?
I hate that shit when t's actually something you want to read.
  2002-08-20 12:41:11
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Your kidding, right, franz? Beach Culture, that piece of crap Raygun that gets design students in a tizzy...that Derek Carlson.   2002-08-20 12:40:41
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   i meant "split."
he's the guy who did that raygun mag crap.
  2002-08-20 12:39:17
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   carson has become a parody of himself.
a friend of mine (he actually contributes to this site) used to prank call him. he was so nasty and dumb that he couldn't get off the phone and instead kept challenging my friend to a fight. he taped all of it. carson did everything possible to screen out his calls, but my friend was so good he could get past anything, and it really pissed carson off. you should hear the tapes, they're hilarious. carson just couldn't back off, his ego was so huge that the idea that some asshole could top him was more than he could take. very very funny stuff.
  2002-08-20 12:39:06
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   myself and a few others had to pick his ass up and shove him into a cab. the next day people couldn't wake him up. then he spit. does it quite often.   2002-08-20 12:38:39
kozikSend kozik a message :   who is david Carlsom?   2002-08-20 12:37:31
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   David Carson: The Preeminent Designer as Maturbator. His rhetoric is hysterical, though. Kudos to him.   2002-08-20 12:36:32
FinchSend Finch a message :   Carson skipped out on a lecture at my college at the last minute - ever since then he's been on my shit list. I know he loses sleep over that.   2002-08-20 12:33:24
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   took a class with david carson (was supposed to last a week but he was too hungover to make it after the first day, he blew off the rest). he professed this incredible hatred for hobo and copper black. our first assignment was to express ourselves by doing a type treatment for our name. so i did a hobo/cooper black combo. got him to admit it worked perfectly (i'm a wise-ass). no bad typefaces, only bad uses.   2002-08-20 12:27:00
guyburSend guybur a message :   har har. that IS good. talk about a grphic desgn prject.   2002-08-20 12:08:54
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Hobo...super! I've been lokking for the right poster to sue Shotgun with for a while. A Shotgun/Hobo doubleteam would be amazingly over the top.   2002-08-20 11:17:23
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   my motto: "when in doubt - use hobo". i think jeff was making a comment back then, pretty funny.   2002-08-20 10:29:44
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   hehe sure is. is it used on the actually matchbook?   2002-08-20 10:15:41
QBwaggleSend QBwaggle a message :   kewl ;-)   2002-08-20 10:07:23
Jeff KleinsmithSend Jeff Kleinsmith a message :   Hobo.   2002-08-20 10:00:48
BLTSend BLT a message :   Randomizer. I remember when I was printing this I was like "I don't know, I don't think this works" and then I layed down the last color and POW, rules.   2002-08-02 12:29:43
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   The Randomizerô is workin' for me tonight! This is brilliant, Jeff.   2002-07-17 23:33:38
lureSend lure a message :   damn it! you're right! i'm goin' on about how nice this is and it slipped right by me that even got away with using probably the most hated font in design history! the guy is friggin great!   2002-02-19 17:30:57
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   I love that the text is the original stuff that is totally out of context. I mean, it would be cool if he did put in something like the bathroom directions, but at the same time, I love that it's the orignial source in it's entirety, liek teh text isnt' text, just another part of the object as a whole. Also, he used HOBO !!! awesome!   2002-02-19 14:24:13
scrojoSend scrojo a message :   this is a brilliant concept! my only crit would be that the copy should have been completely about the show even if you had to give detailed instructions on how to get to (and use) the bathrooms to fill space. beautiful work.   2002-02-19 13:26:22
lureSend lure a message :   random poster reveals another great piece from kleinsmith.   2002-02-19 13:06:48
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