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Mike Thompson 
Little Joes
Mike Thompson
2003-03-03 07:05:30
Dual Exhaust

Dual Exhaust Poster - Little Joes, Dixon - Mike Thompson

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danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   i never notice im bleeding till after we finish playing. never. usually not even till i look at my pickguard (white) and its all splotchy red that i even look at my fingers. its an adrenaline thing i think.   2004-11-08 01:04:48
JephSend Jeph a message :   Remember this one..."memories......."   2004-11-07 22:54:50
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   i' nuts. heh.   2003-09-07 00:53:37
JephSend Jeph a message :   Seripop putting someone in a bad mood? ...nooooooo.   2003-09-07 00:51:27
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   sorry jeph - just seripop put me in a bad mood. i apologize.   2003-09-07 00:50:13
JephSend Jeph a message :   Settle down there fella, just making conversation. I have a low tolerance fer pain & blood that's long did it take you to clean the blood out of the pick-ups?   2003-09-07 00:48:38
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   oh for fuck sake. lets forget about this. i hate this poster. i wont stop playing. i DONT think that makes me "hardcore" - i said it a million times - it makes me SLOPPY - nothing more.
jesus christ.
  2003-09-07 00:45:46
JephSend Jeph a message :   Standard and I had a talk about this poster tonight....I still would've stopped playing...but then again I ain't all "hardcore" and shit.   2003-09-07 00:44:04
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   it's nearly every show that this occurs. as i said before - it's just poor form and sloppy playing that's all.
  2003-08-19 17:40:08
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I was practicing one evening, back when i played bass, and the strap fell off at the bottom so the head came up and the key hit me in the corner of the eye. I had to explain that to Kelly Deal, cause she was my neighbor at the time and wondered about the black eye. She said, "Nice. Very Rock n' Roll."   2003-08-19 17:33:54
gun shoSend gun sho a message :   in a band i played in when i was 19, the bassist swung the head of the bass into my head during the show. one of the tuning keys hit me along my eyebrow and my head split open. it was during the first song. by then end i was extremely bloody and lightheaded. that's my rock and roll blood story, thanks.   2003-08-19 17:30:33
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I bled all over my drums one evening on a night when i was in a particularly foul mood. We were supposed to play this show at around midnight, when in fact we actually started playing at a quarter to 3 in the morning when MAYBE 20 people were left after there being 200 or so earlier.
I was angry and bleeding and pounding the shit out of the drums.
  2003-08-19 16:59:52
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   i dont even want to get into this arguement again about this pic of me.
that's a nice story artgeek. :mrgreen:
  2003-08-19 16:54:07
Casey C-PSend Casey C-P a message :   I once cut my finger open playing Galaga. I didnt notice till it was game over and there was blood all over the joystick...true story.   2003-08-19 16:51:37
standardSend standard a message :   I recommend sticking with your anti-pedophile and anti-French comments in the forums. Very little backlash on those.   2003-08-19 16:51:29
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Not well Tom . . . Not well at all :!:   2003-08-19 16:46:52
standardSend standard a message :   How's that working out for you, Brendan?   2003-08-19 16:46:11
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   It looks painful and I hate the site of blood . . . sorry.   2003-08-19 16:45:57
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Oh that's YOU! :lol:
I meant COOL! :D :o
  2003-08-19 16:45:33
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Not the person who made the poster . . . that I can take or leave. The idiot donating blood to his SG   2003-08-19 16:44:04
standardSend standard a message :   Brendan's a bold one.   2003-08-19 16:43:53
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   fucktard? ouch.
i agree this poster fucking sucks, but fucktard sounds like a personal attack. where are you at? i'll come there slap the cock outta yer mouth and we'll have at it. whattya say?
  2003-08-19 16:36:51
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Randomized Fucktard   2003-08-19 16:30:05
newseamusSend newseamus a message :   I cut my pick finger open one time...then i didn't do it again...i think some do it on purpose   2003-08-07 15:17:31
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   bummer - cool story though. half of those legendary punk stories are probably false anyways.
ps - babe ruth was just being an asshole and bitching the pitcher out NOT calling his homerun shot to centerfield.
  2003-06-10 11:35:16
ENothingSend ENothing a message :   Previous comment based on a story a friend told me a looooong time ago, that J. Thunders bonked some guy on the head & he died. Just learned last weekend that the story was BS.   2003-06-10 07:51:36
ENothingSend ENothing a message :   Just ask Johnny Thunders.   2003-04-04 09:01:13
Thee AlexSend Thee Alex a message :   Worse is when you have someone elses blood on your guitar.. :(   2003-04-04 08:52:52
philaarts.comSend a message :   i cut gym cause i have a small weenie and didnt want the others to see it... sad but true, i had 3 seasons where i lead the league in scores, assists and total points in soccer... which got me nowhere :o   2003-03-04 08:19:06
JephSend Jeph a message :   Dave you're always the last picked when choosing teams, right? I can sense the jealousy in your text.   2003-03-04 08:14:23
philaarts.comSend a message :   bands are stupid. spoken word rules.   2003-03-04 08:11:15
JephSend Jeph a message :   I'm quite "fly" actually. ...did I use that in the right context?   2003-03-04 08:09:57
standardSend standard a message :   You should learn beatboxing. It's never too late.   2003-03-04 08:04:16
JephSend Jeph a message :   Mine too, I'm tired of lugging drums around quite frankly.   2003-03-04 08:01:31
standardSend standard a message :   My band is just a hobby.   2003-03-04 07:48:51
philaarts.comSend a message :   who 1982 ruled.. stones 94 ruled
floyd 96 sucked asshole.. but i kinda had a feeling that would be the case.
i wish i saw the who circa 1971, stones 74... floyd 1973..
  2003-03-04 06:46:55
philaarts.comSend a message :   this whole convo is funny... do whatever the hell you want...
wanna real life example.. how about people who kill their wrists and hands for life because of screenprinting... or backs... or the people that have to stop due to exposure to too much fumes after years of printing.. its just choice. people need to just do what they want... if at the end of the night the guitarist is bleeding whatever.. i saw the who, stones, floyd... all were bleeding... i went to hear the music.
  2003-03-04 06:39:26
kozikSend kozik a message :   remember to pull out their teeth too.   2003-03-04 00:29:29
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I remember you saying something about that when you switched to hampsters. Less bleeding.   2003-03-04 00:27:38
kozikSend kozik a message :   man Im telling you. lay off the hedgehogs and switch to greased hamsters.   2003-03-04 00:25:29
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Yeah. But that's totally unrelated to playing music.   2003-03-04 00:23:17
kozikSend kozik a message :   Richie..yer rectum ever bleed at the end of a MDS show?   2003-03-04 00:22:13
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   My hobby is making inane comments...and also screen printing...and sometimes other things.   2003-03-04 00:12:48
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   seripop - i wasn't freakin out. just answering the "allegations" forced upon me. no big deal, but don't ever tell anybody in a band of any kind that it's just a "hobby". that is the ultimate insult and a real pet peve. this poster thing is a hobby for me - the band i do for a million reasons i cannot explain with words and it consumes hours and hours out of every day as well as all of my income. sorry we so obviously misunderstand or dont know each other well enough.
the end. :|
  2003-03-03 23:52:01
doug barkerSend doug barker a message :   yesterday i pinched my thumb in a split drumstick and it made little red dots on my thumb. when we play live my glasses slide down to the end of my nose and my mouth hangs open and sometimes my tongue sticks out and people think we're some kind of Special Olympics band.   2003-03-03 22:36:34
seripopSend seripop a message :   ok wear yr hands to the bone i don't even kno\w ya so i don't give a fuck was just trying to give abit of advice cause i figured u like might want yr band to be more than a hobby. forget i said anything at all. :roll:   2003-03-03 22:31:13
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   i play bass picks. 2.0 dunlops (the dark purple ones). help it did not. nor do i care. :D   2003-03-03 22:27:11
seripopSend seripop a message :   bass picks help ALOT i play in a metal band i know of what i speak   2003-03-03 22:05:22
standardSend standard a message :   Hey, I certainly don't mean it to sound like I'm giving you shit. (I agree - ALWAYS play through a song.) My right thumb bends back past a right angle because of whacking it on the pickup of my bass for a bunch of years. It hurts when it rains and everything.
It's just more like, take better care of yourself and learn to not hurt yourself on the instrument. Change string gauge, get the neck adjusted, hold the guitar differently, whatever. If you're really doing the Hetfield super-downpick thing, I'd say switch to bass picks and just plain old get your fingers further awau from the strings. It's not about holding back, maybe more about focusing.
I enjoy sloppy playing as much as anybody. I guess I just don't think extreme bodily harm is a part of it, is all. I reckon we're not playing the same type of music, though, so that's fine. I play light "easy" jazz.
  2003-03-03 21:31:34
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   never ever stop i say. for anything (cops, fights, etc)
tape is useless and very very hindering.
-unhindered by talent -mike
ps - he's right - it didn't really take that much for all that blood to come out. this usually happens by the second tune.
  2003-03-03 18:32:31
multiballSend multiball a message :   "I think you're taking the guitar rock hero thing a little too seriously"
bleeding happens sometimes - i've been playing for over 15 years - my technique could use some tweaking but it's certainly not shit.
besides it's not like you have to hit an artery to look like you did. small nick usually does the trick, it just trickles out over the course of the song. sometimes you don't even notice til the pick get's sticky.
sure, tape it up between songs if you can, but stopping mid song? uh uh...inexcusable....that shit may fly with honey baked goodness...
  2003-03-03 18:23:29
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   heh. - ok sorry. ps - i love seripop's stuff.
  2003-03-03 17:43:47
Rodney KingSend Rodney King a message :   *rd138 - ya ain't gots to keep justifying this poster, seripop's just "difficult"   2003-03-03 17:34:46
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   proof of my sloppy playing is the blood up the neck a ways and the pick marks all over the damn place on the guitar. perhaps i'll just sit quietly in a chair from now on.
i agree the type needs a little work - i originally wanted it to look like duct tape. i was wishing there was a set list on the stage i coulda worked with.
the carpet is the drummers kurt. he has trouble with his shit moving all over the place.
  2003-03-03 17:32:20
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   the cuts usually happen the worst on the inside of my thumb (as you can see it hitting in the pic) then the tips of the three fingers that are sticking out hit the strings as well and bleed a small amount on the outside edge. i also come away with a bruise the size of a baseball on the inside of my wrist. my right knee is also terribly bruised the next day. it isn't ever pre-meditated it does sincerely just happen - i play sloppy with poor technique i suppose, but i cant resist it and dont ever feel good when i try to resist it - then i feel like a poser. it doesn't affect the playing or the shows energy the next night outside of it gets damn hard to hold on to that pick when there's blood all over. i have to continually wipe it on our bass players t-shirt. the real kick is seeing the blood the next day on the tips of the chuck's.
  2003-03-03 17:27:44
perkinsSend perkins a message :   who gives a fuck? I think it's a great shot. wording is a tad hokey, but I dig the text layout. overal nice composition. If this is actually a live shot, I'd be proud of it.   2003-03-03 17:27:24
maynardSend maynard a message :   Usually only bleed from my fret hand and that's a rare thing now a days... Blood = dedication!   2003-03-03 17:17:38
Darren GrealishSend Darren Grealish a message :   I've had my fingers bleed like that while playing. It happens to me If I have one of those weird hang nails. Like when your cuticles get all dried out and crack. The slightest bang on a string or pickup makes them bleed all crazy and it wont stop. It looks all wild but it's just a little hang nail. So when it would happen to me it wasn't faked but it also wasn't because "Wow, I'm playing so hard and fast my fingers are in shreds". It just happens sometimes. :roll:   2003-03-03 17:15:17
KurtSend Kurt a message :   I wasn't trying to slam you mike. I just thought the shot was set up because looking at the nice blue carpet,it looks like you are playing in your living room. But if you say it's from a gig, I trust it is.   2003-03-03 17:13:27
ShawnySend Shawny a message :   yeah, i understand that, but i'm just saying that certain shows are really prone to injury...the cuts on my fingers are actually in really weird spots, and i don't know how they got there.   2003-03-03 17:04:00
seripopSend seripop a message :   the trick is to tape yr fingers   2003-03-03 17:02:49
ShawnySend Shawny a message :   i dont know about that...depends on the type of show. it's easy not to get hurt for some people with their style (even hardcore bands, some of their playing styles are not-injury prone), but others just go nuts and can't help it. i totally feel this guys pain. i'm really injury prone when i play, and i've been playing for 12 years. i play all the time, but a certain something happens when people are there to see you. i have a laundrylist of injuries from friday night: my arms are torn to shit, two fingers split open, i have an actual indent in one knee, i can't really walk properly yet, i have an unknown cut along my neck, and a rug burn rash on my thigh. i also have a pair of jeans that are either covered in blood or rust. can't figure out what it is.   2003-03-03 17:01:20
seripopSend seripop a message :   don't get yr panties in a knot i didn't mean it as a dig just saying from lots of road experience that once u star playing night after night (if u do start playing night after night) you'll figure a way to not cut up yr hands like that   2003-03-03 16:54:02
Bradley W. ZimmermanSend Bradley W. Zimmerman a message :   OMG EMO. :o   2003-03-03 16:53:53
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   damn. ok look, no we dont tour - were still a local act, but we play 2 to 3 times a week most of the time. this image was not fucking "set-up" - that's dumb. i didn't even know the shot existed until a week ago when whoever does our website put it up. (
the bleeding happens since i switched to the sg. we play old-school punk ala misfits mixed with some rockabilly influence. my point is there is a ton of downpicking and the design of an sg is one in which the body angles back leaving the strings somewhat high off the body. these facts combine to make a somewhat devastating mess of my right hand. it hurts, but the release is worth it. i sure as shit dont do it for attention - that is absurd. it's shocking to me that showing a photo of someone playing with conviction results in all these jabs at insincerity and posing. it's a bummer really.
a well known musician from new jersey (we'll call him the boss) is famous for playing until he collapses from exaustion (no pun intended) - do you think he does it for attention or is does he possibly just like to rock-n-roll?
well - i'll leave it at that i guess.
ps - at the risk of seeming even more like a poser - who is this big dan i keep getting compared to? forgive my ignorance of his work.
thanks to those who actually left valid comments on the flyer.
best - mike :mrgreen:
  2003-03-03 16:40:33
seripopSend seripop a message :   dual exuast obviously don't tour any   2003-03-03 16:01:19
KurtSend Kurt a message :   I agree with you standard. Even these hardcore guys should consider hand safty. A useless hand is not a good hand. But in this case, I imagine this shot was set up.   2003-03-03 15:49:14
standardSend standard a message :   That's where you're wrong, Kurt. Tubas are like brass meatgrinders. BEWARE!   2003-03-03 15:46:16
KurtSend Kurt a message :   bloody hands from playing the tuba is pretty hard I imagine.   2003-03-03 15:44:48
philaarts.comSend a message :   one dude had chapped lips and he bled... it was insane!
plus the tuba bands, they totally attract the chicks..
  2003-03-03 15:43:11
standardSend standard a message :   smashing a tuba is fairly hard to do, I'd imagine.   2003-03-03 15:41:47
philaarts.comSend a message :   i like the crappy bands that make pretend they are smashing their gear.....
i only listen to tuba quartets now.
  2003-03-03 15:38:33
standardSend standard a message :   If conviction/emotion/release=bleeding, then I think you're taking the guitar rock hero thing a little too seriously. I've bled a bit in my day on stage, but I don't see the point in pushing a performance to such an extreme that it renders you useless for the next gig. Unless your gigs are so few and far between that it doesn't matter (that's not a dig), where maybe balls-out is more justifiable. I'm just talking, you know... common sense, I guess.
I'm not saying you should cry, I'm saying a little electrical tape can do wonders. The only people that should bleed that much in front of an audience are performance artists, because they crave the attention that much.
  2003-03-03 15:30:53
seripopSend seripop a message :   nice pic shttty type and layout my guitar is bloody but not that bloody   2003-03-03 15:00:44
multiballSend multiball a message :   wait, you already admitted that. damn!   2003-03-03 14:52:33
multiballSend multiball a message :   pussy   2003-03-03 14:52:02
JephSend Jeph a message :   I'd stop. Jeph - President of the Pussy Musicians of America.   2003-03-03 14:46:49
multiballSend multiball a message :   "No offense, but what sort of dumbass keeps playing with that sort of bleedage happening?"
better question - what kind of pussy would stop?
  2003-03-03 14:30:56
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   thanks for the comment on the SG. i walked into the store and said, "i am gonna by a god damn SG today." they took me seriously after that i can tell ya. the clerk asked, "AC/DC?" "Nope." i said. "BLACK SABBATH!" and then he says, "damn, i knew it was one of the two." i was gonna get a black one and everything, but i just fell in love with this sucker at first sight. :heart:   2003-03-03 14:02:12
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   alrighty - this thursday we have a show - i tell ya what standard - i'll play with no conviction or emotion at all. it'll be great - and what a release too! and if by some chance i bleed i'll be sure to stop the whole show right in the middle of the tune and walk briskly to the first aid station. thanks for your concern. :roll:   2003-03-03 13:57:36
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   Damn thast a beautiful guitar.. Just got to love those SG's, especially red ones..   2003-03-03 13:42:04
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I split my knuckles open a few gigs back and was bleeding all over the drums.
I guess my kinda dumbass would keep playing.
  2003-03-03 13:34:20
standardSend standard a message :   No offense, but what sort of dumbass keeps playing with that sort of bleedage happening?   2003-03-03 13:24:16
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   it's real my friend. that's me. the duct tape is also very real. the type however was in fact added later.
-mike :twisted:
  2003-03-03 12:52:06
TBMSend TBM a message :   the blood looks a little too chunky to be real...but the duct tape and chuck taylors lead me to believe that the blood might actually be rockin' itself loose....its a shame the guitar isn't white.   2003-03-03 12:27:08
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